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Clayton State University Foundation

On behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Clayton State University Foundation we are appreciative that you have sought more information on the Foundation and the University. Our goal as a foundation is to enhance the education experience provided by the University through financial and community support. As a member of the University of Georgia System; Clayton State University provides a high quality education to its students and provides many support services to our local community. The University is limited as to how it can spend State funds and tuition dollars; so our foundation through our fundraising efforts allows us to support our students and faculty through tax deductible contributions that we receive as an IRS designated 501(c) 3 organization. The financial and in-kind contributions that we are fortunate enough to receive are then administered through our Foundation in a manner that insures that the learning experience is expanded in ways that otherwise may not be possible.

If you are a member of our local community that we often refer to as the Southern Crescent of Atlanta Georgia, then you have already experienced the impact of Clayton State University. The faculty, administration and students volunteer their time to make this community a better place to live and work. A high percentage of our students continue to reside and or work in this community after graduation and continue to pull this community upward. One of goals as a foundation is to provide a resource to those star students that due to financial constraints may not be able to afford a quality education like CSU. The future of our community, and on a larger scale our country, depends on developing the brightest minds possible; and we try to prevent financial resources from limiting someone’s potential. So again I want to thank you for exploring our foundation this far and I hope that you will be convinced to partner with us as we work to see students’ Dreams Made Real.

Best wishes

Leonard Moreland Chair, Clayton State University Foundation