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Materials Recycled


Clayton State University is committed to being an environmentally conscious community by recycling and properly disposing of both universal and hazardous materials.

Paper, Aluminum and Plastics

In addition to practicing Single Stream Recycling (SSR) in designated employee spaces, recycling bins are also provided for paper, aluminum and plastics throughout common areas on campus. These bins are managed by Facilities Management.

Toner Cartridges

Clayton State recycles toner cartridges by returning the used cartridges to the vendor of purchase. Used cartridges are sent to the Facilities Management warehouse for processing.


Computers, monitors, and components are recycled through the State surplus process. The HUB must first be notified of any computers or components that need to be surplussed. Once scrubbed, the HUB will send the items to Facilities Management for further processing to State surplus.

Batteries – Household

Clayton State provides household battery recycling containers at the LakerCard office and the Loch Shop. When containers are full, an approved battery recycling company is contacted for pick up.

Batteries – Universal Waste

Facilities Management stores used lead acid batteries in approved sealed containers and a certified hazardous waste disposal company removes the containers when needed. View Universal Waste Management

Cell Phones

Cell phones are recycled through a program sponsored by the Department of Public Safety. Recycling containers are located in Public Safety and the LakerCard office.


Unwanted textbooks can be recycled by taken them to the Loch Shop. The Loch Shop uses One Planet to recycle the books.

Kitchen Grease

Dining Services contracts with Georgia Fryer Management Services to extend the life of the used kitchen grease by removing, filtering and returning the product. 


Cardboard can be recycled at any recycling dumpster location.


Facilities Management recycles all tires through an approved tire company.

Automotive Oil

Facilities Management stores used oil in an approved 250 gallon above ground container. A certified oil recycling company removes the oil as needed.

Fluorescent Lamps/Ballast

Facilities Management stores used fluorescent lamps and ballasts in approved sealed and labeled containers. A certified hazardous waste disposal company removes the containers when needed.  View Universal Waste Management

Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets are recycled through an approved company.


Glass products can be recycled at any recycling dumpster location.