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Getting Ready for Class

After you’ve registered for an eCore course, be sure you familiarize yourself with how eCore classes operate. You’ll receive a welcome email from eCore with information on accessing your courses a couple of weeks before the term begins. Please be sure to check your Clayton State email address for this information.

Please Note: You will NOT access your eCore course(s) the same way you access your Clayton State online course(s). Refer to the page Accessing your eCore Course for further information.

Academic Calendar

  • Familiarize yourself with the eCore Academic Calendar.
    • IMPORTANT: Dates such as drop/add, withdrawal, and term start and end dates may vary from your Clayton State University courses. Please be sure you are aware of the differing dates for your eCore and Clayton State University courses.


  • All eCore courses require at least one (1) proctored exam. Depending on the course you may have a proctored midterm and final exam. If you do not live close to the Clayton State University campus, you may be required to travel to an approved testing center to complete your exams. Please review the eCore Testing webpage to locate a location near you so you are aware of the requirements.
    • If you are in the military, military bases also have education centers with approved test proctors for members of the armed forces. If you need approval for a testing site not listed on the eCore Testing webpage please contact the eCore Testing Coordinator.
    • There may be additional fees associated with testing at a testing center. As a student you are responsible for paying any fees associated with a proctored exam.

Grade Appeals, Student Complaints, Exam Extensions

  • If you need to request an extension on a proctored exam, submit a grade appeal, academic dishonesty appeal, or submit a general student compliant you may do so on the eCore Student Forms and Withdrawals webpage. On the page, you will select “Open SEADS Student Portal” and follow the instructions given to you.

Student Guide

  • Review the eCore Student Guide which highlights support resources available to you as an eCore student such as library support, online tutoring and proctored test information; eCore policies and procedures such as dropping, adding, or withdrawing from a course and who to contact when issues arise.


  • eCore utilizes open education resources (OER) in all of their courses which means the textbooks are available to you, for free, once the term begins. If you are enrolled in a lab science course (Biology, Chemistry, Geology or Physics) you may be required to purchase lab kits. Be sure to check the eCore course descriptions for information regarding lab materials.