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Jerica Richardson






CommissionerJerica Richardson represents the eastern part of Cobb County which includes Smyrna, Vinings, East Cobb, Cumberland CID, and other parts of unincorporated Cobb County. Her platform is predicated on the idea that when we are connected, we can empathize, and overcome any challenge. Being a diverse metro county, her primary goal is to use the challenges the county faces to elevate conversations that communities around the country should be having. Such challenges on the horizon include rapid and diverse growth, balancing development demands, environmental stability and technology, discrimination, trust in law enforcement, recession-proofing the community, and long-term wealth gaps and inequality. She believes in working closely with the community and that there are only permanent interests in advancing public welfare. As a private citizen, Jerica is a Georgia Tech graduate in Biomedical Engineering, and works full time as a Program Manager at Equifax. She is also a small business owner and author. 

Keynote Speaker

Shane Bell is a Georgia native who grew up near Atlanta. He earned a bachelor’s degree in history and a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from Clayton State University. Shane worked for The National Archives as a student employee beginning in 2007 and joined the agency full time in 2011. In his years with NARA, Shane gained experience working with a wide variety of federal records and performing numerous duties in the archival field. His main areas of focus include records from NASA and the Atomic Energy Commission. He has compiled finding aids for federal holdings related to The War of 1812, the 19th century illegal slave trade, the Civil War, The Manhattan Project, and 20th century science and technology. In 2022 Shane became NARA’s Subject Matter Expert (SME) archivist for agency-wide NASA and related records.