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About the College of Information and Mathematical Sciences

The minds here are innovative.

They read data like a story, appreciate the poetry of numbers, preserve and protect information, and code ideas into life. And, like you, they are the architects of their dreams—dreams they are making real right here in the College of Information and Mathematical Sciences (CIMS).

As a CIMS student, your classes will let you explore your curiosity and stretch your skillset, under the guidance of highly engaged faculty who take a hands-on approach to teaching. You’ll also gain real-world experience and invaluable professional connections through research projects and internships, and have the chance to connect with students who are as passionate about their area of study as you are through our three CIMS student organizations.


We aspire to create a community of innovative thinkers who can facilitate the adaptation to rapidly changing conditions of our global society. From our strategic location in the Southern Crescent of metropolitan Atlanta, CIMS will become a significant entity in the state in the preparation of diverse and highly qualified professionals in the mathematical, computer, and information sciences and in mathematics education.


The mission of the College of Information and Mathematical Sciences is to provide a strong foundation in the core areas of mathematics, computer and information sciences to meet a growing global need for professionals in these disciplines. CIMS supports Clayton State University's strategic planning themes by

  • positioning the college as an academic unit that prepares its students to achieve in a rapidly changing technological society;
  • providing educational opportunities and student centered approaches to teaching and learning that support student success in the programs of study and undergraduate research for our majors, the quantitative areas within the general education courses, and service courses for other degree programs across campus;
  • continually improving and expanding the college's academic programs to integrate research-based best practices in teaching and learning in mathematics and computing disciplines and to attract more students to Clayton State to study in these fields;
  • seeking external funding sources to support the college's programs in teaching, research, and improvement of our technology infrastructure;
  • building and nurturing a sense of community among the college's faculty and students;
  • engaging in active outreach efforts with community partners in education and industry.

Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics1 represents CIMS's commitment to promoting and practicing the highest professional and ethical standards:

  • Integrity: We value and practice responsible, accountable and ethical behavior in an atmosphere of honest, open, and respectful communication.
  • Innovation: We value and practice creative risk-taking and enthusiastic pursuit of new ideas.
  • Continuous Improvement: We value and practice continuous improvement of our instruction, advisement, research, academic programs, services and processes through academic achievement, professional development and assessment.
  • Unity of Purpose: We dedicate ourselves to integrating diversity among us by harnessing the wealth of ideas, cultures, and viewpoints toward a common goal.

1Adapted from the ACM code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and the Code of Ethics for Midstate CollegeApproved by the Faculty of the College of Information and Mathematical Sciences on 12/09/2008.

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