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Dr. Lila Roberts

Welcome to the website for the College of Information and Mathematical Sciences (CIMS) at Clayton State University.

Computing, information science and mathematical sciences have never been more relevant and exciting. Individuals who have specific training and expertise in the disciplines represented in CIMS are in high demand for careers that have the potential for well above average earnings and job satisfaction.

The Technology Association of Georgia reports that the technology workforce will continue to experience strong growth in areas such as cybersecurity, application development, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Data analytics is increasingly important to guide decision-making strategies in business, industry, healthcare, education and government. As more and more information is developed in digital environments and existing paper documents are transferred to digital format, training in archival methods for curation and preservation is exceptionally valuable in the workplace.

The College of Information and Mathematical Sciences is made up of the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology and the Department of Mathematics. In addition, CIMS is the home of the Archival Studies program and the college coordinates the Regents' Engineering Pathway engineering transfer program as well as& dual degrees in cooperation with Georgia Institute of Technology.

The Department of Computer Science and Information Technology offers a four-year Bachelor of Science in Computer science. Students who study computer science may choose between concentrations in big data, cybersecurity, game development or general computer science. The department also offers a two-year Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology (AASIT) that prepares IT professionals for entry-level positions. All courses in the AASIT count in the four-year Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT). Students in the BIT may choose specializations in Network and Information Security, Database Administration, Health Informatics and other informatics areas.

The Department of Mathematics offers a four-year Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Undergraduate students who wish to teach in high school may choose the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with Secondary Certification. The Department of Mathematics collaborates with the College of Arts and Sciences to provide content courses for undergraduate middle grades education and mathematics content courses in the Master of Arts in Teaching and the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies. Individuals who already hold a bachelor’s degree in mathematics or closely related field who are interested in continued study in mathematics may take courses that lead to the post-secondary badge in mathematics.

The Master of Archival Studies (MAS) prepares professionals for careers in government, businesses, and collecting archives. The program emphasizes digital archives and electronic records Because the program concentrates on archives and records, it offers more in-depth study than students would receive in a library, information science, or public history program.  Its innovative blend of traditional archival knowledge with information technology responds to the need for professionals who understand contemporary records and recordkeeping systems.

As a CIMS student, you will have excellent and caring instructors who are genuinely interested in your success. You will also have opportunities to become actively engaged in activities related to your interests with faculty members as well as opportunities for internships in industry and in schools. The Department of Mathematics is particularly strong in the number of opportunities for undergraduate students to be engaged in research with faculty members.

In addition to active learning opportunities, CIMS students have developed a community of scholars and colleagues through our very active student organizations: Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the Math Club, and Women Interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (Wi2STEM).These student groups sponsor speakers, workshops, community outreach and service, and fun activities for the campus community.

CIMS also has an active partnership with Atlanta-based leading marketing platform, MailChimp, which has supported the development of Launchpad Leadership Academy. Project-based learning through a combination of campus and workplace experiences, and educational scholarships, Launchpad prepare students and faculty to adapt to a rapidly growing digital economy.

I hope you will take a close look at the programs in CIMS and contact us for a campus visit or just a chat.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Lila F. Roberts, Dean