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Bachelor of Information Technology

The Bachelor of Information Technology program prepares students to compete in the rapidly expanding job market, to contribute to the intellectual body of knowledge, and to engage with their communities.

The Bachelor’s program consists of 120 credit hours. In addition to general education courses, the following courses comprise the core curriculum:

Core Curriculum Credits
Total Program Credit Hours 120

Area F: Lower Division Major Requirements (6 courses)

ITFN 1101 Foundations of Information Technology 3
ITFN 1201 Foundations of Database Design 3
CSCI1301** Computer Science I 3
CSCI1302** Computer Science II 3
ITFN 2214 Web Application Development 3
MATH 1401 Introduction to Statistics (formerly MATH 1231); or MATH 2020 Introductory Discrete Mathematics; or MATH 2502 Calculus II; or WBIT 2300 Discrete Mathematics for IT 3

Lower Division Major Requirements – IT Foundations (3 Courses)

ITFN 1401 Foundations of Webmaster 3
ITFN 1502 Foundations of Networking and Security 3
ITFN 2512 Intermediate Networking and Security 3

Upper Division Major Requirements (9 courses)

ITFN 3003 Professional Development and Ethics 3
ITFN 3103 Human-Computer Interaction 3
ITFN 3112 Systems Analysis and Design 3
ITFN 3144 Informatics Project Management 3
ITFN 3314 Testing & Quality Assurance in Software Development; or ITFN 3316 Software Security, Testing, and Quality Assurance 3
ITFN 3601 Operating Systems 3
ITFN 4014 Internship Cooperative 3
ITFN 4154 Informatics Integration 3
ITFN 4433 Web Integration 3

Upper Division Information Technology Electives (1 course)

Major Concentration (3 course)

Select one of the following Emphases: Database Administration Emphasis

ITDB 4201 Advanced Database Modeling 3
ITDB 4202 Database Applications 3
ITDB 4203 Database Administration and Architecture 3

Networking and Security Emphasis

ITNW 4501 Network Planning and Design 3
ITNW 4502 Secure Networks and Communications Protocols 3
ITMM 4423 Security for E-Commerce 3
Informatics Emphasis
9 hours of upper division courses in a single discipline or in a recognized minor program at Clayton State. Students should use Free Electives to satisfy any prerequisites for upper division coursework in an Informatics Emphasis. See additional information below.
Free Electives (4 courses)

* Programming options are CSCI 1301/1302 or ITFN 1303/2313 or WBIT 1310/2311.

** Students pursuing Informatics Emphasis should choose courses in the free electives to satisfy prerequisites of the required upper division courses from the selected area of emphasis.

Additional Information about Informatics Emphasis

BIT students are encouraged to apply information technology skills to solve real world problems by taking coursework in another discipline. The BIT program provides flexibility for students to complete a minor at Clayton State. An example for an informatics emphasis is Health Informatics. The coursework that constitutes the Health Informatics Emphasis are:

  • HCMG 3101 Intro Health Systems Management - 3 hours
  • HCMG 3340 Healthcare Information Technology* - 3 hours
  • HCMG 3501 Healthcare Systems Total Quality Management- 3 hours

Students pursuing the Health Informatics Emphasis should take HSCI 2111 (Introduction to Health Care Environment) as their Free Electives.

Students should consult with academic advisor to explore other areas for Informatics Emphasis.

Other Program-Specific Graduation Requirements

BIT students must earn a grade of C or better (or K) in the following courses:

  • All IT courses (i.e., courses with ITDB, ITFN, ITNW, ITMM, and WBIT prefixes)
  • All CS courses (i.e., courses with CSCI prefix)
  • ENGL 1101 & 1102; CRIT 1101
  • All MATH courses applied toward the degree, including WBIT 2300 (Discrete Math for IT)
  • All upper division courses applied toward graduation

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Application Deadlines

Students are accepted into the program three times a year in the Fall, Spring and Summer terms.


July 15


November 15


April 15

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