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Department of Mathematics Faculty Research

Dr. Louisa Catalano, Assistant Professor

algebra, functional identities, linear preserver problems, radical theory

Sample publications:

  1. Catalano, L. On a certain functional identity involving inverses, Communications in Algebra, 46 (2018), 3430-3435.
  2. Catalano, L., Julius, H. On maps preserving products equal to fixed elements, Journal of Algebra, 575 (2021), 220-232.

Dr. Keith Driscoll, Professor

graph theory, k-cordiality

Sample publications:

  1. All trees are six-cordial, Keith Driscoll, Elliot Krop, and Michelle Nguyen*, Electronic Journal of Graph Theory and Applications, 5 (1): 21-35 (2017)

Mrs. Jennifer Harris, Senior Lecturer

Dr. Elliot Krop (Professor and Interim Chair)

graph theory and combinatorics, domination, graph products, Ramsey theory, games on graphs

Sample publications:

  1. Vizing’s conjecture: a two-thirds bound for claw-free graphs, Elliot Krop, Discrete Applied Mathematics, 230: 162-165 (2017)
  2. A Vizing-type result for semi-total domination, John Asplund, Randy Davila, and Elliot Krop, Discrete Applied Mathematics, 258: 8-12 (2019)
  3. Grundy domination of forests and the strong product conjecture, Kayla Bell, Keith Driscoll, Elliot Krop, Kimber Wolff, The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 28(2) (2021), #P2.12

Dr. Catherine Matos, Professor

Sample publications:

  1. Students’ Preferred Technology in an Ordinary Differential Equations Course, Catherine Matos, Kelli Nipper, and Hannah R. Rigdon, 2022 ASEE Southeastern Section Conference, American Society for Engineering Education, (2022)

Dr. Tomás Merchán, Assistant Professor

harmonic analysis, geometric measure theory, partial differential equations, probability theory

Sample publications:

  1. The Huovinen transform and rectifiability of measures. Benjamin Jaye, Tomás Merchán. Advances in Mathematics, Volume 400 (2022), 108-297.
  2. On the problem of existence in principal value of a Calderón-Zygmund operator on a space of non-homogeneous type. Proc. London Math. Soc. 121 (2020), 152-176.

Dr. Kelli Nipper, Professor

mathematics education

Sample publications:

  1. Nash, Linda; Hunt, Annita; Huddlestun, Denise; and Nipper, Kelli, "Paper 1: Analysis of Achievement for Understanding Geometry" (2009). Georgia Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (GAMTE) Annual Conference. 2.
  2. Pearson, Tamara; Nipper, Kelli; and Matos, Catherine, "Paper 4: Do You See What I See? Deepening Teachers’ Understanding of Linear Equations through Student Interviews" (2014). Georgia Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (GAMTE) Annual Conference.
  3. Nipper, K., Sztajn, P. Expanding the instructional triangle: conceptualizing mathematics teacher development. J Math Teacher Educ11, 333–341 (2008).
  4. Nipper, K., Mathematics Teacher Development: Making sense of professional development, PhD Thesis (2004)
  5. Nipper, K. et al. Teacher tensions: Expectations in a professional development institute, Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education 14(5):375-392 (2011) DOI: 10.1007/s10857-011-9180-1
  6. Hunt, Annita W.; Nipper, Kelli L.; Nash, Linda E., Virtual vs. Concrete Manipulatives in Mathematics Teacher Education: Is One Type More Effective than the Other Current Issues in Middle Level Education, v16 n2 p1-6 (2011).

Ms. Cassandra Parker, Lecturer

Dr. David Plaxco, Associate Professor

mathematics education

Dr. Christopher Raridan, Professor

graph theory

Sample publications:

  1. Dao, H. Hua, and M. Ngo, and C. Raridan, On the edge-balanced index sets of complete even bipartite graphs, Journal of Graph Labeling, 2(1) (2016), 79--87. 
  2. Cichacz, D. Froncek, E. Krop, and C. Raridan, Distance magic Cartesian products of graphs, Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory, 36(2) (2016), 299--308.
  3. Hua, E. Krop, and C. Raridan, A counterexample to a conjecture of Ghosh, Bulletin of the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications, 75 (2015), 79--82. 

Ms. Jessica Showell, Lecturer

Mr. Matthew Smith, Lecturer

Mrs. Jelinda Spotorno, Senior Lecturer

Dr. Anthony Stinson, Senior Lecturer

mathematics education

Dr. Everett Sullivan, Assistant Professor

combinatorics, chord diagrams, Motzkin paths

Sample publications:

  1. E. Sullivan, Linear chord diagrams with long chords, The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 24 (4) (2017), #P4.20.

  2. N. Cameron and E. Sullivan, Peakless Motzkin Paths with Marked Level Steps at Fixed Height, Discrete Mathematics 344 (1): 112-154 (2021).

Dr. Brianna Vick, Assistant Professor

harmonic analysis, geometric combinatorics, data science 

Dr. David Williams, Associate Professor

analysis, applied mathematics, numerical mathematics