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Archival Studies Programs

Overview of Programs

The Archives and Information Studies Programs has three major programs. The Master of Archival Studies, Post Graduate Certificates in Archives and Records Management, and Minor in Archives and Information Studies. Don't hesitate to contact us about any of our programs.

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Masters of Archival Studies

Graduates of the Master Archival Studies Program will be successful digital archivists who are committed to curating comprehensive, trustworthy collections of records that merit long-term preservation. They will be well- grounded in theoretical knowledge and practical skills of archives. Graduates will understand the impact of the technology on the profession and will have the knowledge and skills to work with information technologists and to manage digital information; and they will know how to work in a rapidly changing environment, finding innovative solutions to the challenges of digital archives.

The Master of Archival Studies Program at Clayton State University provides students with a broad education in archival theory and practice. Graduates will master the core archival functions, of appraisal and description, arrangement and description, reference and access, outreach, preservation, and management of records in all formats, especially digital formats, in accordance with best practices, law, and professional ethics.


Post Graduate Certificates

The AIS Program offers post graduate certificates for individuals which masters degree wanting to add to their credentials. These certificates are best for those current working in either Records Management or Archives. These certificates supplement practical experience, but do not provide deep dives into all aspects of theory and practice. Individuals interested a fuller understanding of Archives and Records Management are encouraged to apply for the full MAS degree program.

Certificate in Archives

The certificate of Archival Studies seeks to provide students who currently have a master’s degree with basic knowledge of archival theory and practice. This certificate can enhance an individual’s credentials for working with archival materials. Students who complete this minor program will be able to do the following

  • Understand and apply basic theory and principles or archival practices
  • Understand and apply basic principles of electronic records
  • Appraise, reserve, and describe archival materials.


Certification in Records Management

This certificate program in Records Management seeks to provide students currently working in the records management field with core knowledge. This certificate will enhance an individual’s RIM credentials and prepare them to sit for certification examines in records management and information governance. Students who complete this certificate program will be able to do the following.

  • Understand the basics of Records and Information Governance
  • Understand assessing risks related to records management
  • Apply appropriate legal and ethical standards to the management of records.


Minor in Archives and Information Studies

The minor of archives and information studies program seeks to provide students with an introduction to the fields of records management, archival studies and library science. Students who complete this minor program will be able to do the following

  • Seek advance degrees or certificates in Archives and Records Management
  • Seek entry level positions in records management or related fields
  • Gain an understanding of the impact of records, their uses, management and function in society

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