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Fraternity & Sorority Life

A tradition of service, scholarship, and campus honor mark the histories of our fraternity and sorority life here at Clayton State.

Our eight Greek-letter organizations are built on lifelong sisterhood and brotherhood, matched with a commitment to being active student leaders through volunteering, campus involvement, education, personal development, and social engagement.

Build Character through Greek Life


The promotion of intellectual growth and academic excellence through the recruitment and selection of quality students, scholastic programming, educational support, and recognition opportunities.

The majority of the Clayton State Greek-letter community maintains a higher Grade Point Average than the overall campus population.


The development of styles and models of leadership through a self-governing council (Fraternity & Sorority Council), cross collaboration opportunities, workshops, and ethical decision-making.

Many members of Clayton State Greek-letter organizations hold leadership positions in other student organizations including Student Government Association, and Campus Events Council.

Service and Philanthropy

Encouraging members to become civically involved and actively engaged in the betterment of the campus community, local community, and all mankind.

All Clayton State Greek-letter organizations volunteer in both local and national programs including voter registration drives, AIDS Walk Atlanta, Special Olympics, and the March of Dimes.


Joining a Greek-letter organization is a commitment that connects you to a network of brothers and sisters bonded by common goals and the founding principles of that organization.

Members of Greek-letter organizations develop a special bond that lasts beyond their college years. Nurtured by alumni activities and graduate chapters, members are provided networking opportunities and a lifetime of camaraderie.

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Anti-Hazing Policy

Fraternity and Sorority Council Constitution

Fraternity and Sorority Council Polices and Procedures

Fraternity and Sorority Grade Summary Report

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