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Professional Development School Partnership

The Clayton State Teacher Education Department has established a Professional Development School Partnership (PDS) with Stockbridge High School.

The department received a GaPSC grant to fund the partnership planning phase. The partnership includes field placements for student interns in addition to training for mentors and the coordination of professional development opportunities. The PDS has been active at Stockbridge High School since 2016.


The Professional Development School (PDS) Partnership is a collaborative effort to create and foster a strong learning community while enriching the field of education and increasing student achievement.


The PDS will become a leader in community engagement through collaboration between Stockbridge High School and Clayton State University to enrich education to create a caring, competent, committed, collaborative and culturally responsive community of students, teachers and other stakeholders.


The goals of the PDS are to:

  • Create effective teaching and learning experiences while focusing on the achievement of both high school students and teacher candidates.
  • Take mutual responsibility for the preparation of pre-service candidates by cooperatively supervising and providing closer connections to authentic classroom practices.
  • Promote professional development through collaborative professional growth opportunities for pre-service candidates and in-service teachers, university faculty, and administrators.
  • Research best practices for the education of all stakeholders through inquiry, research, and reflection.
  • Provide opportunities for enhanced community engagement and social justice awareness among all stakeholders.

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