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Putting on Your Best PACE


The Professionalism 101 Module

Complete the Professionalism 101 Module (provided by Career Services)

Proper Work Ethics for Student Workers "Condensed"

Come to work because your attendance matters

  • Be sure that you and your supervisor agree about the days and times you are going to work.
  • Do not assume that changing your schedule is acceptable. Communicate with your supervisor to make any changes – even if the reason for the change is school related.
  • Come to work on time. Your punctuality matters.

Communicate frequently and honestly with your immediate supervisor

  • In the work place, many issues can arise over simple miscommunication. It is your duty to communicate openly and honestly with your immediate supervisor to prevent problems from expanding beyond your control.

If you are going to be late or you cannot get to work, notify your supervisor as soon as possible.

  • Find out in advance which number to call.
  • Ask if you should leave a message or wait to talk to the person.

Sign in and out of work as directed by your supervisor each work day.

Follow the office dress code. Ask your supervisor what it appropriate for you to wear

  • Your regular student clothes may be acceptable, but you need to know for sure.
  • You should avoid the following:
    • Strapless or halter tops and bare midriffs
    • Torn clothes
    • Clothes that show your underwear
    • Spandex pants
    • Hats or du-rags

Your attitude is obvious to co-workers and to visitors. Be sure your attitude is positive.

  • Be courteous to students, faculty and staff at all times
  • Be aware that faces communicate attitudes
  • If you encounter a difficult situation, seek assistance from a supervisor
  • Never let a visitor or caller leave hearing your say "I don't know". Instead, find

Use office computers only for work - unless given permission for you to use it for school related assignments

Use office telephones for business calls only.

Ask your supervisor about cell phone policies.

Display honesty and integrity

Proper Work Ethics for Student Workers

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Putting on the Best Pace

Putting on the Best Pace 2