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Honors Program Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Honors Program?

The Honors Program at Clayton State University creates opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills as well as accelerate the development of their academic careers.

If you are planning to attend graduate or professional school or you wish to undertake a serious study of the liberal arts, the Honors Program can help. Honors Program coursework focuses on analytical skills, research, writing, and discussion of ideas. Moreover, honors students have research opportunities in their major course of study and the chance to study abroad.  Honors Program courses feature an interactive approach to teaching and learning and dedicated professors.

How do I join the Honors Program?

The Honors Program has two tracks, University Honors (for students entering the Program with fewer than 30 hours of college credit) and College Honors (for students entering the Program with 30 or more hours of college credit). To qualify for the University Honors Program, you must have a minimum 3.5 high school GPA. To qualify for the College Honors Program, you must have a minimum 3.5 GPA.  Check for eligibility

Why should I join the Honors Program?

There are a number of benefits in joining the Honors Program. They include the following:

  • Enhanced course sections reserved for Honor students
  • Early registration
  • Honors Seal on diploma
  • Honors recognition at commencement

Will taking Honors classes hurt my chances to get into graduate school?

Most graduate schools value Honors Program graduates. It is a distinction that demonstrates students' willingness to develop both their academic and leadership potential.

Will I get to know other Honors Program students?

There will be many opportunities to meet other Honors students through participation in the Honors Student Association, service projects, and Honors classes.

What courses do I take as an Honors student?

To graduate with the Honors Program distinction, students entering the Program with fewer than 30 hours of college credit must complete a total of 18 hours of credit from Honors courses.Students entering the Program with 30 or more hours of college credit must complete a total of 9 hours of credit from Honors courses. Check for eligibility

Honors courses are designed exclusively for the Honors Program. These courses are often interdisciplinary or based on a contemporary theme.

Honors sections are sections of honors courses designed for Honors students. Such courses usually allow for more independent learning or innovative approaches than traditional courses.

Contract Courses allow students to enhance a regular course for honors credit.

Independent Study Courses allow students to work one-on-one with a faculty member on an independent study course.

Study Abroad Courses may be counted as three (3) honors credits for every semester.

Research Assistant Honors students working with a faculty member on an approved research project may earn up to 1 honors credit for every 10 hours worked.

Are only certain majors able to participate in the Honors Program?

No. All majors are accepted in the Honors Program.

Is there special recognition for Honors students?

All Honors students will receive the Honors seal on their diplomas. Honors students wear the Honors medallion at graduation.

Are Honors courses more difficult than regular courses?

Honors courses generally require more work than other courses. The courses cover much of the same material as regular classes but expect more from the student. 

What are the requirements for remaining in the Honors Program?

In order to stay in the Honors program, you must earn at least 12 service points each Fall and Spring semester, most of which can be earned by attending and participating in various Honors Student Association events. Honors students are also required to maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

I have found all the information I need and I am now ready to apply, where do I go?

To apply to become a member of the Honors Program, fill out the Honors Program Application

Also, you can contact the Honors director, Dr. Alexander Hall at (678) 466-4846 or