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Benefits of the Program


The Honors Program allows students to get the most from their college experiences with the following advantages:

  • Enhanced Honors courses allow students to enjoy challenging and innovative classes
  • Early registration: Honors students enroll at the earliest registration date each semester
  • Study Abroad opportunities designed for Honors students
  • All study abroad courses count towards Honors course credit
  • Opportunities to work closely with faculty on research projects
  • Opportunities to travel to state and regional Honors conferences


Honors students receive recognition, including the following:

  • Honors seal on diploma
  • Honors recognition at commencement


Honors students develop their leadership skills through various activities:

  • Campus and Community service
  • Holding leadership positions in the Honors Student Association or other organizations

Campus Activities

The Honors Student Association offers social activities and service opportunities that add to the enjoyment of college life outside the classroom.