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Social Mobility Initiatives

Childcare Subsidy

college mom with child
college kids with family
college mom with kid

Clayton State University’s Childcare Subsidy is emblematic of two generation poverty reduction initiatives. This program propels long term prosperity and social mobility by increasing access to high quality education for parenting students and their children. To date, Clayton State University has secured over $2.6 million in philanthropic and federal grants to support this work. An additional $700,000 in childcare subsidies has been committed by Quality Care for Children, a partner to Clayton State University in this work since fall of 2016. Clayton State University’s Childcare Subsidy has provided hundreds of parenting students and their children access to high quality childcare while parents were actively pursuing their bachelor’s degree. Data on the beneficial return on investment for children in high quality childcare and the increased annual and lifetime earnings of college graduates make it clear that these resources are drivers of social mobility on their own. Combining the two through Clayton State University’s Childcare Subsidy amplifies these impacts and promises to change the life trajectory for program participants.


Parents Loch’d In

parents loch'd in

Parent's Loch'd In was created to provide a supportive and engaging environment for students who are parents that attend Clayton State University. Parents Loch’d In creates a safe space for students who are looking to engage in activities that benefit our parent students academically, physically, and emotionally. Founded in the spring semester of 2022 by a Clayton State student with a 4 year-old boy, this student recognized that Clayton State was in need of an organization that catered to the needs of student parents, provided access to resources and connected a student population with very specific needs.  

Since their founding, Parents Loch’d In has hosted a variety of events such as Parenting Stressors as College Students, a parents only meeting with President Lewis, the student organization sponsor of the “Kids Zone” at the LOCHtober Festival Halloween Event, and numerous information and resource fair tables to encourage future student parents that they can thrive at Clayton State.


Foster Care Program

With a tailored foster care program, Clayton State University offers an engaging summer experience for youths in care. The program allows youths to experience life on a college campus, mentorship from current college students, and exposure to degree programs to start exploring career pathways. We believe access should not be a barrier for youths in care to receive higher education and upward social mobility.  


Elaine Manglitz Student Emergency Fund

The Elaine Manglitz Student Emergency Fund is a source of immediate relief, promoting social mobility by providing crucial financial support to students facing unexpected hardships. This fund is designed to ensure that financial difficulties never hinder a student's pursuit of their degree.


Laker Care & Share Program

The Laker Care & Share Program is a testament to our community's commitment to each other. It provides direct support to students facing food insecurity, particularly those from marginalized and underrepresented groups. By removing these barriers, we foster a sense of belonging and unity, promoting access, student well-being, and academic achievement. 

Initiatives include the following:

  • Laker Care Pantry: this initiative aims to provide all Clayton State University students with an open-access food pantry where they can shop for what they want. The pantry provides essential items such as toiletries, food, school supplies, and household items.
  • Laker Grab n' Go: with convenience in mind, Laker Grab n' Go provides easy access to microwavable food items in locations throughout campus for busy college students on the go.
  • Meal Share Program: Clayton State University members are committed to helping each other through various challenges. The Meal Share Program allows the campus community to donate meal swipes to students in need.


First Generation at CSU: I’m First

I’m First at Clayton State University is designed to support students and their families. Being a first-generation student can be challenging. The I’m First initiative strives to bring together resources to help students to succeed on their academic journey. This initiative brings together faculty, staff and students that identify as first-generation to collectively support and navigate the Laker experience together.


African American Male Initiative

group of male students

Clayton State University's African American Male Initiative (AAMI) is an initiative designed to increase the number of students who complete their postsecondary education from Clayton State University. AAMI is a comprehensive program open to students who choose to embrace AAMI’s four key components of Academic Skills Enrichment, Student Support Services, Adult & Peer Mentoring, and Leadership Development.    


AAMI Mission 

Its mission is to provide an integrated program model of academic, leadership, and life skills that supports any participating student to successfully complete each academic level and graduate. 


AAMI Highlights 

  • Monthly Meetings: These gatherings afford our members an open forum to discuss topics affecting their day-to-day life as well as their educational journey.
  • Networking: The program delivers tools and events for members to attend and understand the meaning of networking while creating and nurturing meaningful professional relationships.


Living Learning Communities – EmpowHER and Barbershop

group of male students
group of male students

The EmpowHER Living Learning Community initiative is designed to empower and support incoming college women. Through a structured cohort model, workshops, mentorship, and diverse programming, EmpowHER LLC equips students to thrive in the new campus environment, emphasizing academic success, establishing sense of belonging, and encouraging professional growth.

Modeled after the tradition of community barbershops, the Barbershop Living Learning Community initiative helps create a seamless transition to college through engagement in academic skills enrichment. Through mentorship, programming, cohort-style learning, and cross-campus support, Barbershop students are equipped to understand academic and career options best suited to transcend their future goals.

group of male students

group of male students

group of male students

group of male students