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SGA Candidates



  Candidate For Ballot Name Major Activities Statement of Intent
Freshman Senator Chaunya Briley (CeeJayy) Criminal Justice Writing music; playing my guitar; community service "I never make a promise that I can't keep. I don't let power change me...I use the power that I have to change circumstances and situations."
Freshman Senator Rickyla Cierra Dawson Psychology and Human Services Youth Ministry, Atlanta Food Bank Volunteer, Childcare development. "If I am elected I will represent the student body to the best of my abilities, I will never hesitate to go the extra mile for my peers. I will also listen to each and every student's issues and concerns about Clayton State and it will be my duty to bring those issues to the forefront to my fellow SGA members and school administration. I will ensure each and every freshman student has a voice in the SGA who is fighting for them each and every day, and will not allow freshmen to be overlooked ever again. I will make it my top priority to accommodate all student's and to make sure each and every student is safe and comfortable enough to call Clayton State home!"
Freshman Senator Mariah Hicks Healthcare Management While attending high school, I started a club called "My sister's Keeper". I intend on starting something similar to My Sister's Keeper here at Clayton State "I can do anything I put my mind to. Everything I've done in my life has been accomplished with nothing but success. As your Senate, I promise to understand,and execute each one of your concerns. I would like everyone to know that I'm all ears. I promise I will acknowledge anything anyone presents to me. I'm not just doing this to be put on a pedestal, but to be everyone's voice. WE NEED CHANGE,and that's what I am here to speak on and represent!! Please vote for me as your Freshman Senate."
Freshman Senator Jimmy Padilla Film Production Hobbies: Making videos, shooting photos, Running Social Media, and Creating filters on Snapchat; Interests: Community involvement; involvement: Interpreting in English and Spanish, MHS Student Council President, Ambassador for the school of Communication and Arts, Yearbook Photography Coordinator, SkillsUSA, Hispanic Organization Promoting Education, Key Club, Student Section, GoSTEM. "Hello Clayton State Students, I am currently running for Freshman Student Senator for the 2016-2017 Academic Year. I would like you to vote for me for what I have done in my high school, and for what I plan to do for Clayton State University. Prior to attending Clayton State, I went to Meadowcreek High School. Where I improved communication from Administration to students. My leadership roles in high school included 11th Grade Treasurer, Public Relations, Photography Manager, Meadowcreek Ambassador, and Executive Board Student Council President. lastly I attended the Georgia Youth Assembly, where I served as a representative, and voted for and against various bills. These things and more is what I have done at my high school, and demonstrate what I am capable of. My goals as Freshman Student Senator is to improve the communication from Administration to the Students, promote SGA to all Clayton State students, and for all students to be informed of all bills."
Freshman Senator Elise Radcliffe Biology Chick-Fil-A employee of 1 1/2 years "I believe I should be elected to serve as an Student Government Association Senator because of my love for those around me, my drive to make a difference, and my commitment to working hard and doing the best I can to make an impact on this community."
  Freshman Senator Stefani Romaine Psychology "Hobbies: Band, Reading, and Drawing Interests: Fashion, Debating, Volunteering Involvement: Part time job fair. (Anything that I can help with on campus.)" "I am announcing my candidacy for the position of Senator. As a Senator it would be my mission to ensure that the voice of the student body Is heard. I am running for issues that are directly affecting our campus. I will use my position to fight for YOUR concerns. I am running for this position with genuine intentions, not with cheesy slogans or stunts. Vote for someone who will do their best to make positive changes. Your vote is your voice, SPEAK LOUDLY! Vote for Stefani Romaine for freshman senator."
Freshman Senator Meia Paschel Warren Nursing My hobbies include running and also painting. "According to Hubert H. Humphrey 'The Senate is a place filled with good will and good intentions.' This is a quote that I believe to be true because I have the best intentions as I run for your Freshman Senator. I will do everything in my power to not only represent the student body as a whole but also the Clayton State Institution. I will give my best in every meeting and every situation that I would have to encounter as a Freshman Senator. I believe that I will be able to hold a position like this one because of the organizations and leadership roles that I've had in high school which include Chick fil A leadership Academy, Junior Auxiliary Treasurer, Magnolia State bank Treasurer, Varsity Basketball Cheerleading, Prom Committee, One Act State Champ, and JROTC. I will use all of these positions to help me to be the best Freshman Senator I can become. It will truly be a blessing to serve as your Freshman Senator. I pray that you all with give me this opportunity to serve for you."
Undergraduate Senator Whitney Bush Accounting Dance and Community Service. "I began my collegiate career as a freshman at Clayton State and as a senior I have watched the school progress. I decided to join SGA because I believe that I can help contribute ideas that will make the school even better! In the prior years I was less active around campus than most, only being involved in a few organizations, and I believe this is why I will make a great undergraduate senator. I have observed the school from a less active point of view and I believe my opinions will be an asset to the current SGA office. VOTE for me WHITNEY BUSH!!"
Undergraduate Senator Dacia Daniel Nursing Cheerleading "I plan to provide a more accessible relationship between the student body and the SGA. I plan to bring student issues directly to SGA officers and make sure they are resolved as soon as possible. In closing, I also intend to provide an optimistic aspect the Student Government Association."
Undergraduate Senator Sagar Das Administrative Management/Criminal Justice SGA, Campus Involvement, Spending time with family, Meeting and Interacting with new people, Watching T.V. "Greetings, my name is Sagar Das.   I am originally from India. I was raised down in the U.S. all my life. I lived out in New York first then moved to Atlanta for about 15 years now. I'm currently an Administrative Management student at Clayton State University and a 2016 graduate from Atlanta Technical College with a degree in Criminal Justice Technology. My leadership skills involve me exercising my ability to interact with all kinds of people with different personalities, and to understand their views in order to delegate efficiently. Also, I have great interpersonal skills, confidence, and ambition. I held various positions at my previous college. Many of my fellow peers acknowledge my leadership skills at my previous college. My 2016-2017 goal is to serve the student body at Clayton State University."
Undergraduate Senator Tiya Edwards Criminal Justice I like to run and I'm laker orientation leader "The reason I should be elected to sever as an undergraduate senator in Student Government Association because I want to continue to build my leadership skills and voice my opinion on different situations happening on campus. I am Laker Orientation Leader which already helped me build my leadership skills up but I want to enhance my skill even better by joining this amazing organization."
Undergraduate Senator Nia Forte' Criminial Justice Fitness Assistant, F.A.S.H.I.O.N. Society "Students are the body of the university, and their voices are the key. I will be a listening ear to all, as all shall be heard. I will be the voice for those who are not heard. If you want the best, and nothing like the rest, VOTE for me, because with this 4.0 GPA I WON'T settle for less! As our school's motto is to make dreams come true, that too, I WILL do for you! The woman with the bright smile will go an extra mile! A vote for me is a vote for you, vote Chania Forte' as an undergraduate senator to represent you!"
Undergraduate Senator Rasheen Glenn Marketing I have different things that I am interested in such as: Singing, dancing and acting. I like to help people. I want to get involve in the community and help our area out. "Hello! My name is Rasheen Glenn. I am currently a sophomore at CSU as a business major. I’m new to the family at Clayton State. I attained my associates degree from Georgia Military College in Business Administration. I haven't run for office before, but with my knowledge and the ideas that I know college student face every day will be something that I will help to improve. Secondly, I want to be senator because I'm committed, engaging, and dependable. In addition, I communicate well with people and want to see change in our community. Lastly, I want to think everyone for taking the time out of their day and consider me as a future candidate. If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me via email. My door is always open. Thank you for your consideration and votes."
Undergraduate Senator Ahmad Johnson Administration Management/Organizational Leadership Running, Swimming, Speaking Engagements, Travailing, Basketball, Football, Mentoring our youth, Music, Lifting Weights "My name is Ahmad Johnson native of Los Angeles, California. I'm a current Administration Management student at Clayton State University and a recent graduate at Atlanta Technical College. Previously, I served as Atlanta Technical College SGA President along with serving a second term as the National Technical Honor Society State President for the Technical College System, Where I was the first student ever inducted into the NTHS Hall of Fame. I'm an active mentor for the Collegiate Leadership Academy. Moving Forward and creating a student driven campus for students is my goal for 2016-2017. Through my own personal journey and opportunities, I will share my experience with all those with whom I come in contact. In sharing with my fellow students, I will encourage them to start strong, stay strong, and finish strong as well all reach all our full potential. Together we will accomplish great things. I can do all thing through Christ Who Strengthens me."