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SGA Executive Board Officers

Message from the SGA President:

Image of Leon Tauzama, 2024-2025 SGA President
President 2024-2025
Leon Tuazama
Major: Health Science

My name is Leon Tuazama, I am a junior majoring in Health Sciences with a concentration in Nursing, and I am incredibly grateful for the chance to be your partner, your voice, and your champion in creating a genuinely remarkable educational experience.

I'm excited to learn more about each of you over the upcoming days, weeks, and months, and to hear your thoughts, worries, and goals for our university. Your opinions count, and I am determined to make sure they're heard clearly in all decisions that have an impact on the people on campus. By working together, we can influence Clayton State University's future by establishing a campus environment that values diversity, encourages inclusivity, and gives every student the opportunity to realize their full potential. Whether you are a senior getting ready to start a new chapter in your life or a freshman just starting out, remember that you have an important part to play in creating a better future for all of us. Your efforts are priceless.

I want to urge you to continue being involved, to speak up, and to actively participate in determining the future course of our university. The things we can accomplish as a team have no boundaries. I appreciate all of your hard work, devotion, and support in ensuring Clayton State University is the best it can be. Go, Lakers!

The Executive Board Officers are elected each spring to serve for the following Academic Year. These representatives lead the Student Government and are the primary liaisons between the student body and the University administration. 

2024-2025 SGA Executive Board Officers

Image of Donye Wright, 2024-2025 SGA Secretary

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Donye Wright
Major: Elementary Education



SGA Advisors

Image of Dr. Don Stansberry, Vice-President of Student Affairs/SGA Advisor

Image of Sarah Ray, Assistant Dean of Students/Student Care & Support/SGA Advisor

Don Stansberry
Vice-President of Student Affairs

Sarah Ray
Assistant Dean of Students
Student Care & Support

2023-2024 Past SGA Executive Board

Image of Miles Lazarus Thompson, 2023-2024 SGA President

Image of Calvin Smith, 2023-2024 SGA Vice-President

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Miles Thompson

Calvin Smith


Kameron Robinson

To contact any executive officer, email