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Student Government Association Leadership Awards

Outstanding Freshman Senator

(The Outstanding Freshman Senator Award is presented to a first-year student member who has distinguished himself/herself as a Freshman Senator or has shown remarkable improvement during the academic year.)

Most Improved Senator

(The Most Improved Senator is the senator who has developed his or her self into an exemplary student leader and representative of SGA throughout their time served, showcasing hard work and dedication in combination with discipline and desire which yielded substantial improvement.)

Most Professional Senator

(The Most Professional Senator is one who utilizes appropriate and professional demeanor in their interactions especially when representing SGA at an event, and presenting a professional and polished image (and attire) while on campus, during meetings, and conducting SGA business.)

Outstanding Executive Board Member (Officer)

(The Outstanding Executive Board Member is one who is influential, has showed tenacity and diligence in responding to their duties and completing them and has displayed consistent leadership throughout the duration of his or her term.)

SGA Member of the Year [Excellence Award]

(SGA Member of the Year is the senator that has committed to the success of SGA and themselves as a Senator. This senator does more than what is asked and has fulfilled any needs that have been left unaccounted for. They are gracious and humble in their mannerism and have displayed a enthusiasm and passion for their commitment to SGA.