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Emergency Information

Public Safety Phone Number: (678) 466-4050

Emergency Text Messages

Emergency Text Messages-How to ensure you receive them

All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to enter (as well as update) their cell numbers into the University network to receive emergency text messages.

Update Your Information

Emergency Alert System

The Office of Public Safety has installed two tall siren alert towers in the vicinity of the Athletics & Fitness Center and the Maintenance building. There are four pre-programmed messages with the facility that could be broadcast in the event of an emergency:

  • Code red -- this is a code RED ALERT -- there is an unknown intruder on campus. Please go to the nearest building as quickly as possible. All campus buildings are going into lock down mode immediately. Stay away from windows. Do not go to any common area of a building. This is a code red alert.
  • Code red -- a tornado has been spotted in the immediate area. Take shelter immediately. Stay away from windows.
  • Attention -- this is a severe weather warning. A strong line of severe thunderstorms with heavy lightning is approaching the Clayton State University area. Prepare to take shelter immediately.
  • Attention -- there is a tornado watch for the Clayton State University area. The conditions are right for a tornado to form. Prepare to take shelter. If the conditions change from a watch to a warning, another message will be broadcast.

National Weather Service - Peachtree City

Emergency Building/Floor Coordinators

Building Floor Responsibility Emergency Response Coordinator Contact Information Alternative Contact Information
Arbor Hall 1st floor Nikia Yallah 678-466-4237 Rodney Byrd 678-466-4230
Arts & Sciences 1st floor Amalia Thompson 678-466-4735 Ms. Lynn Crockett 678-466-4825
Arts & Sciences 2nd floor Sherree Buchanon 678-466-4890 Ms. Lynn Crockett 678-466-4825
Athletics Center Mike Mead 678-466-4679 Sherry Echols 678-466-4692
Career Resource Center Dorothy Herzberg 770-960-2186    
Clayton Hall Tia Brown 678-466-4605 Yelonda Settles 678-466-4705
College of Business – 1st floor Candace Jones 678-466-4518    
College of Business – 2nd floor Terrie Cleveland 678-466-4519    
College of Business – after hours Veronica Copeland 678-466-4529    
Continuing Education Angela Myers-Jenkins 678-466-5114    
Edgewater Hall-1st Floor Angela Evans 678-466-4050    
Edgewater Hall 2nd Floor John Keener 678-466-4050   678-466-4050
Facilities Management Darren Thomas 678-466-4248    
Faculty Hall Jason Davis 678-466-4855    
Huie Hall Teresa Steppe 678-466-5094    
Lab Annex Building Boey Kheem Tan 678-466-4856 Farrah Bakr 678-466-4863
Laker Hall Jason Collins 470-507-9193    
Laker Village Jason Collins 470-507-9193  
Lakeview Discovery Basement Cass Parker 678-466-4788 Lashaundra Fambro 678-466-4868
Lakeview Discovery and Science Center 1st Floor Paul Melvin 678-466-4778 Cheryl Rainey 678-466-4770
Lakeview Discovery 2nd Floor Minnette Gordon 678-466-4785 Lashaundra Fambro 678-466-4788
Lakeview Discovery 3 rd floor Boey Kheem Tan 678-466-4856 Cass Parker 678-466-4788
Library David Greenebaum 678-466-4326 Sonya Gaither 678-466-4334
Library 1st Floor Kristoffer Johnson 678-466-4331 Sonya Gaither 678-466-4334
Magnolia Hall Jacqueline Person 678-466-4800    
Music Education (Canes Music Building) Dellkeyta Foster 678-466-4750    
Peachtree City Campus (CSU at Fayette) Mia Collier 706-975-9935    
Spivey Hall Chris Tollack 678-466-4483    
Student Activity Center Brandon Marshall 678-466-5433    
University Center - 1st Floor Megan Postell 678-466-4300    
University Center - 2nd Floor Tammy Wilson 678-466-4102    
University Center - 3rd Floor Nancy Franco 678-466-4402    
University Center - 4th Floor Sandra Ezeike 678-466-4403    
Woodlands Hall 1st Floor Wanda Bunn 678-466-4284    
Woodlands Hall 2nd Floor        
Woodlands Hall 3rd Floor