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Support Services

Project - Review and Alignment of Policies regarding Systems and Software Support

The Information Technology Council and the Information Technology Study Committee have determined that a review of current policies and procedures that manage support for information technologies is necessary. Among recommendations of IT Study Committee:

Recommendation #1: Analyze HUB trouble ticket data by type of issue to identify possible areas to target for preventative efforts.

Resolving prevailing problems is an industry standard best practice in technical support. The HUB will review previous tickets to determine constant and prevalent issues reported that could be prevented from providing training and other preventive methods. Once the survey of tickets is complete the HUB will determine the best method in addressing those problem areas and put in place an action plan for implementing training.

Recommendation #2: Recommend changes to IT support model to provide more efficient and effective service.

The HUB will examine options for support including items such as self-service to enhance the current support model and to ensure continual service improvements.

Recommendation #3: Develop recommendations for enhanced IT training opportunities for staff.

The HUB will work with the Human Resources Department to assess the training needs of the staff here at the University and offer recommendations for staff IT training. In this effort, we must also take a look at the staffing needed to determine if there are additional resources needed to effectively carry out IT training for staff.

Recommendation #4: Develop summary of support models at peer institutions.

The Hub will look at several service models including those of universities and other corporate organizations to see how we can incorporate some of the components seen in other models and assess how they can be implemented in our environment and produce a better customer service experience for our faculty, staff and students.

GT EDI will:

  • Engage with 8-10 Clayton State Employees familiar with current procedures system support and help desk management to include topics of support for students, faculty, and staff; licensing of third party support services; inclusion of support and maintenance to understand life cycle costs of IT procurements; provision of training for staff, students, and faculty for effective use of IT solutions;
  • Facilitate meetings with CSU staff;
  • Provide tutorials and materials necessary for CSU employees to participate constructively in the review and improvement of support strategies and policies;
  • Deliverables
    • Map the current state (a process map), noting the values added, subtracted in the current state
    • Develop a vision of the future state
    • Develop a measured approach to transition to that future state