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Telephones / Mail / Email



Cell phones: It is recommended that you establish an international data plan with your phone service company or you may want to establish an account with a U.S. cell phone company. However, most US companies will require you to have a Social Security card first in order to check your credit history. Most international students have no credit history in the U.S. and may need to pay a large deposit on a new cellphone plan. There are many types of cell phone plans available. It is best to talk with other students (especially those from your same country if you plan to call home) to find what is the best plan for you. 

Area Code: The Morrow, GA area code is 678. If you are dialing a Morrow number from outside of the city, you need to first dial the 678 area code. It is not necessary to dial the area code when calling within the city.

Direct International Calls: If you have a long distance service provider, you can make a direct international call. Dial the following:

  1. The International Access Code - 011
  2. The Country Code (listed in the telephone book)
  3. The City Code
  4. The local telephone number

Calls on Campus: All Clayton State University campus phone numbers begin with the pre-fix "466". If you are on campus and phoning another department with the same prefix, you only need to dial the last four numbers.

Mail & Email

Note: ISS will not send email to an alternate / personal email address after your arrival on campus. Therefore, it is your responsibility to check your Laker email regularly and delete old or unneeded email. Being over-capacity will block your email access.

Email: Clayton State University provides each student with a university "SWAN" e-mail account. This is the official means of communication at the university, and it is important to check your e-mail account regularly.

Clayton State is one of the most "wired campuses" in the U.S. with convenient Internet and computer access located throughout campus. In addition, each residence hall room is equipped with Internet access. 


Mail: Students living on campus in the university residence halls will be assigned a campus mailbox from the Housing office with room assignments. Mail is delivered Monday through Friday. You may purchase stamps and send mail from the Laker Card Office located next to the Lakeside Dining Hall. You should not plan to receive mail at Clayton State until after you arrive. Please do not address personal mail to the ISS as it will likely be lost or undelivered.