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Study Abroad

While at Clayton State, we encourage you to become a global citizen through international study. The experience gives you a chance to meet people from diverse backgrounds and supplement your classwork in foreign countries.

Whether it’s learning a new language, traveling to a new destination, experiencing a different culture or enhancing your resume, our study abroad programs offer a life-changing experience that shapes your education long after you return home. 

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Study Abroad Programs for 2023

We are excited to announce the launch of our 2023 study abroad programs for March and May 2023.  Programs will launch by the beginning of the Fall 2022 semester for enrollment.  Find your study abroad opportunity today!

environmental science in costa rica

Environmental Science in Costa Rica

In May 2023, join us for this exciting trip to Costa Rica!  Students will learn about tropical rain forest ecology, conservation, and sustainable agriculture.  In addition, students will participate in service learning projects in local communities with a focus on environmental stewardship, sustainability, and natural resource conservation.

Learn More about the Environmental Science in Costa Rica

filmmaking in south korea

Filmmaking in South Korea

In May 2023, travel to the land of K-Pop, K-Dramas, Korean food, and more with this unique study abroad experience.  The program will immerse Clayton State students in the history, culture, and filmmaking of South Korea.  Students will have the opportunity to travel and film throughout South Korea all while producing a short film.  

Learn More about the Filmmaking in South Korea

teacher education in france

Teacher Education in France

In May 2023, visit the exciting city of Paris, where students will have the opportunity to explore the historic and current multicultural struggles in France and the United States.  Students will engage in visits to schools, cultural sites, and a community-based language association, along with many other exciting experiences. 

Learn More about the Teacher Education in France

history in spain and morocco

History in Spain & Morocco

In May 2023, explore two exciting and beautiful countries where it is still possible to walk through history.  Explore ancient Roman aqueducts, stroll through royal palaces and medieval castles, while admiring gigantic public plazas.  Spain and Morocco are host to many other wonderful cultures and incredible cuisines. 

Learn More about the History in Spain & Morocco

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