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CSU Guest

CSU Guest Logo

To connect to CSUGuest, you will need access to an email address or a mobile phone.

Step 1: Connect to CSU Guest

Step 1: Wireless


Step 2: Open a browser and open any non-CSU website. You should be redirected to the registration page.

Step 2. Webpage


Step 3: Read the policy and agree to the acceptable use policy. Provide your name and a valid email for the verification code.

Step 3 - Policy


Step 3b (optional): You can also receive the verification code on your phone. Normal messaging rates may apply.



Step 4: Enter your verification code.

Step 4- Code

Step 5: A brief progress bar will appear.

Step 5 - Progress Bar


Step 6: Congratulations, you have successfully registered to the CSUGuest network!

Step 6 - Complete