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Private Scholarships

External private scholarship listings are available in Academic Works, the scholarship program that is utilized by Clayton State.  The listings are searchable by keyword to better help students find scholarships for which they are interested. 

To view the external private scholarship, click on "Opportunities" at the top of the page in Academic Works and then select "External" in the drop-down menu. 

Outside organizations frequently send external private scholarship information to the Financial Aid Office. Please contact the organization listed if you have any questions about a particular scholarship. 

To Students:

To apply for the External Private Scholarships, you must contact the department or organization listed for that particular scholarship. Keep in mind that the application deadlines for these scholarships vary.

External Private Scholarship Disclaimer:

Please note that the external private scholarship listings are for informational purposes only.The Office of Financial Aid at Clayton State University does not endorse or recommend any scholarship website or information regarding scholarship search services or external private scholarship information. When searching for and applying for external private scholarships, please use caution and be aware of potential scams. The Office of Financial Aid does not recommend any scholarship opportunity or scholarship search website that requires a fee. The Office of Financial Aid is not liable for any dispute that you may have with any organization or group offering external private scholarships and is unable to assist you in any such dispute.

Scholarship Donors and Sponsors

Clayton State utilizes Academic Works for all scholarship listings.  If you would like your scholarship information to be listed in Academic Works, please send an email to with the information in the following format.  If the scholarship is approved, your scholarship will be listed in Academic Works. 

To check the status of your listing, you can do a search for your scholarship listing through Academic Works.  Click on “Opportunities” at the top of the page in Academic Works and then select “External” in the drop-down menu. 

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