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Facilities Management Services and Forms

Services Provided

  • Building Services & Facilities Compliance
  • Inventory Control and Assets Management
  • Keeping all operating systems in good repair by responding to the emergency maintenance and repair needs of the campus community
  • Mail, Receiving, and Property Control
  • Repair, maintenance, and operations of campus buildings
  • Surplus of Electronic Devices and Equipment
  • Vehicle Management
  • Upkeeping of grounds for the University and the satellite facility Lucy C. Huie Hall at South Jonesboro

The above listed services coordinated through the following departments:

How To Request Services

When repair, replacement, or other maintenance service is required, the requesting department should complete a Service Request. The department uses an online work request system for organizing, tracking and facilitating work.

Types of Requests & Forms

Cart Repair/Maintenance Form

Furniture Svc Request Form

Space Modification Form

Surplus - Inventory Management Form