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Mail Room, Central Receiving & Property Control

Policies and Procedures

To minimize postage costs, all departments need to assure that items to be mailed are:

  • Designed and printed to take advantage of lower rates for size, weight and content
  • Addressed with a USPS correct address
  • Bundled in the approved manner

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Current Delivery Schedule

  • Incoming mail will be delivered to departments on campus between 9:00 am to 11:00 am
  • Outgoing mail is picked up by USPS carrier daily between 10:30AM-1PM 

Mailroom Procedures

  • Mail requiring postage will be placed in bundles and identified by the departmental account number for "charge-back" purposes.
  • All outgoing mail must have a Clayton State University's return address and the sending department’s account number in the top left corner of each mail piece for accounting purposes.
  • Mail with postage already applied, including Business Reply mail, and mail that is in envelopes of an irregular shape, MUST be pre-sealed. The mailroom will NOT seal this mail.
  • If five or more envelopes are to be mailed from one office, submit the envelopes together with the flaps of the envelopes folded down or flat. This procedure will accelerate and help prepare the mail piece to be run automatically through the postage machine.
  • Mail designated for outside the United States MUST be specifically marked and bundled separately. To insure accuracy and prompt delivery, coordinate with the mailroom on such mail pieces.

Other Procedures


  • Courier mail received in the mailroom is delivered at the times previously stated. Courier mail that arrives between delivery times, will be delivered at the next scheduled delivery.
  • Courier mail can either be brought to the mailroom or placed in outgoing mail for pick-up. This includes UPS and USPS.

Note: Express couriers must have two (2) hours to pick up package from the time the call is received. Packages need to be in the mailroom no later than 2:30 pm.

Note: If you are expecting mail from these couriers, contact the appropriate courier location to alert them of the expected delivery.


  • A green and white Certified slip (PS Form 3800) should be completed with information that includes, the name and address of the addressee, and the sending department information.
  • A green Return Receipt (PS Form 3811), will require the name and address of the addressee, the article number from the Certified Slip, and a check mark of the services desired, all located on side one of the receipt. On the reverse side, complete the campus address along the sending departments account number.
  • The Certified Slip should be attached to the front side of the envelope with the green perforated portion placed at the top of the mail piece immediately to the right of the return address.
  • The Return Receipt should be placed on the backside of the mail piece, utilizing the self-adhesive tabs.
  • Both forms may be obtained from the mailroom.


  • Complete insured form (PS Form 3813) with recipient’s name, address and the insurance coverage desired.
  • Articles may be insured for a maximum of $5,000.00.
  • Forms may be obtained from the mailroom.


  • Envelopes must be sealed. Note: arrangements may be made in exceptional cases, whereby envelopes are presented for meter postage with Permit Logos. Call the Mail Room & Receiving (678) 466-4251 for arrangements.
  • Envelopes must be sorted into separate Zip codes.
  • Bundle groups of envelopes in the same Zip code in 4" bundles using 3/8" or wider rubber bands.
  • Bundle envelopes both lengthwise and crosswise with bands.
  • At least 10 pieces of mail must be packaged together to make a bundle.


  • All labels may be obtained from the mailroom.
    • Red "D" Label -- if 10 or more pieces have the same 5-digit zip code, package those pieces together and label with a red "D" on the top piece. (Ex: 14 pieces bundled together for 30260)
    • Green "3" Label -- if 10 or more pieces have the same first 3-digits of the zip code, but not enough to label with a "D", then package pieces together and label the top piece with a green "3" label. (Ex: 12 pieces for 303--)
    • Pink "A" Label -- if 10 or more pieces are to one state, but not enough to fit any of the above categories, package pieces by each state and place a pink "A" label on the top piece. (Ex: 20 pieces to Texas)
    • Tan "MS" Label -- Package any remaining pieces that do not fit into any other category and label with a tan "MS" on the top piece of each bundle. (Ex: 8 pieces to Georgia; 6 pieces to Ohio; 5 for 303--)
  • Report the total number of pieces in your mailing, as well as, the total pieces for all red "D" labels; green "3" labels; pink "A" labels; and tan "MS" labels.
  • Complete a Bulk Mail Preparation Work Order Form to send along with mailing.

Please call the mailroom (678) 466-4251 if additional assistance is needed for preparing a Bulk or Presort Mailing.

Useful Postal Links

United States Postal Service


Receiving and Delivery Procedures


Purchase Orders delivered to Central Receiving

Goods are received and verified with the PO and packing slip. A receiving report is generated only if the goods received are classified as assets:

  • Asset: These items will be verified and tagged prior to delivery to the department.
  • Non-Asset: Items will be delivered and verified by the department. Packing slips must be signed by the receiving clerk or the department and sent to Accounts Payable for further action.

Purchase Orders delivered directly to departments:

  • Asset: The receiving clerk will verify with the department the PO, packing slip and their requisition for accuracy. The item will be tagged for inventory.
  • Non-Asset: Verify with the department that the goods are accurate and the PO is complete. After the department signs the packing slip, it is sent to Accounts Payable.


In addition to delivering the campus mail, the mail room operation also provides campus package deliveries on a daily basis. Departments may also contact the Mail Room & Receiving at (678) 466-4251 if they prefer to pick up their packages or supplies at the warehouse from 7:30 am until 5:30 pm Monday - Thursday, or 8:00 am until 12:00 pm Friday.

Due to security reasons, all departments are responsible for assuming ownership of their deliveries by signing the daily Delivery Log, supplied by the delivery clerk. The delivery clerk is also responsible for initialing the Deliver Log acknowledging that the package(s) were signed for and items delivered accordingly.

If no one is available to sign for any departmental deliveries, a delivery notification will be left stating no one was available to accept the delivery.

Access to loading dock is restricted. Please set up an appointment at (678) 466-4251.

All questions or concerns can be directed to the Mail Room & Receiving at (678) 466-4251.