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Virtual Relaxation Room

The Virtual Relaxation Room is designed to be an interactive stress management experience. We can never completely eliminate stress but the Virtual Relaxation Room can help you learn skills that make you more resilient to stress as well as learn skills to reduce stress levels. The great thing about the Virtual Relaxation Room is that it can be accessed anytime. The Virtual Relaxation Room is not intended to take the place of counseling, but to offer additional resources.

Please feel free to contact Counseling and Psychological Services with any questions or concerns, at (678) 466-5406.

The CAPS Relaxation Room

We also have a non-virtual relaxation room! Make an appointment to check out the Counseling and Psychological Services Relaxation Room which is located in Edgewater Hall, Suite 245. You can also call ahead, (678) 466-5406, to reserve a time. The CAPS Relaxation Room has the following:

  • massage chair
  • relaxation music/videos
  • inspirational videos
  • guided meditations
  • self-help pamphlets
  • self-help book loaning program

Heart Math EmWave computer program for stress reduction.