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Campus Movie Fest Information 2021

Up to date information for students filming for Campus Movie Fest, April 6th-12th, Spring 2021

Campus Movie Fest

Register your team at:

If you need space on campus, please fill out this form:

Campus Space Reservation Form

Please view the spaces available for reservation during the time periods indicated on the PDF document below. The areas marked off in red are the areas where shooting is allowed during each day indicated.

Marked up campus map for filming days

When filling out the form, please include specific information about the dates and times you would like to film on campus. Email the form to Thomas Stein:

Students shooting on campus will also need to contact Professor Jonathan Harris, Coordinator of the Film Production program, to be assigned a faculty or staff supervisor during their time filming on campus.

Students will be required to discuss the shoot with their faculty or staff supervisor prior to filming, and to update the them throughout filming on campus with photos and videos of the shoot, cast, and crew.

If students do not shoot on campus, they do not need to reserve space or obtain a faculty or staff supervisor, but should follow all COVID-19 guidelines including wearing masks during production, social distancing, hand-washing, etc.

Here are some additional resources:

Campus Movie Fest COVID-19 production guidelines

Georgia Film Academy COVID-19 compliance course