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Accounts Payable FAQs

Supplier Information

Why are the W-9 and Supplier Set-Up Forms required? 

  • In order to be in compliance with state policies, we are required to include certain information about our Suppliers in our database.  The W-9 allows our department to set up the Supplier in compliance with IRS files.  The Supplier Set-Up form allows our department to accurately provide information to the BOR as requested.  Access the form here.

Why do I need to provide the Tax ID # or SSN?

  • These numbers allow a more thorough search of the Supplier database for existing Suppliers.  For example, if a Supplier has a parent company but ‘does business as’ a subsidiary name.  Another example would be if a Supplier’s name changes due to a life event or sale of the company.  This information is also pertinent to the set up of 1099 information within the Suppliers file.  An easy way to request this information is to simply request a W-9.  Access the form here.

What if the Supplier is employed at CSU or another BOR unit?

  • Employees of CSU receiving monies for services above and beyond their normal salary cannot be paid through AP.  They must be paid through payroll.  Please contact CSU’s Payroll Office for instructions on how to submit this expense for payment. 
  • If the Supplier is employed at another unit, that unit must invoice us and we will pay that unit through AP.  The invoicing unit will in turn pay their employee through their payroll system.