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Mission and Vision

Clayton State University cultivates an environment of engaged, experience-based learning, enriched by active community service, that prepares students of diverse ages and backgrounds to succeed in their lives and careers.

Through a distinctive combination of proven and innovative methods of teaching and learning, Clayton State University will excel in preparing students from many walks of life to meet the challenges of living and working in a dynamic, global society.

Clayton State University is committed to:

  • Creating an outstanding educational experience that stimulates intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and innovation.
  • Engendering a spirit of openness, understanding, collaboration, and mutual respect throughout the University.
  • Fostering learning that engages students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the greater community.
  • Expanding and allocating resources strategically according to mission and values, to support overall institutional effectiveness.
  • Providing an inviting and supportive campus community for faculty, staff, and students.
  • Repositioning Clayton State University in the higher education marketplace and beyond.