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Student Outdoor Leadership Program

Outdoor Adventure believes that wilderness experiences allow students to develop transferable leadership skills and can be an integral part of student development. Outdoor Adventure strives to prepare students to be effective leaders through theory and practice in both back and front country experiences. Outdoor leaders must be able to prepare, lead, analyze risk, and demonstrate competence and judgment while leading a group of their peers in an unfamiliar environment. Through increased responsibility in adventure activities students will also develop tolerance for adversity and uncertainty.

For those interested in becoming more involved, Outdoor Adventure has a variety of options:

  • Outdoor Adventure Student Assistant: Student Coordinators are responsible for assisting in the planning, marketing, implementation, and assessment of Outdoor Adventure trips and Laker Challenge Course workshops, and gear lending.
  • Challenge Course Facilitator: Challenge Course facilitators are responsible for setting up, devising and safely guiding multiple participants through a series of programmed elements to achieve their desired outcomes by way of experiential learning in a professional manner. It is the facilitators’ responsibility to promote self-confidence, positive group dynamics, leadership, and problem solving abilities. Challenge Course Facilitators are also responsible for assisting in the inspection and maintenance of the Laker Challenge Course.
  • Outdoor Adventure Student Trip Leader: Student Trip Leaders are responsible for assisting in the planning and leading of outdoor adventure trips.