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Membership Prices

Price Chart


  1. Members may purchase a 10-Visit Punch-Card Pass which may be used to bring guests to the Fitness Center.
  2. The cost for the 10-Visit Punch-Card Pass is $75.00 and expires one year from the date of purchase.
  3. SAC Fitness Center members may host ONE non-member per day.
  4. The individual Fitness Center Member is the only person permitted to bring a guest using the Punch-Card Pass.
  5. Sharing of the Punch-Card Pass is prohibited.
  6. A “punch” is not a day pass and no re-entry will be permitted at a later time during the day unless another punch is used.
  7. The minimum age requirement for a guest is 16.
  8. Members will be held accountable for the conduct and / or damages as a result of the sponsored guests. Any misconduct may result in the student member being reported to the Office of Community Standards for possible disciplinary sanctions.
  9. A “punch” or 10-Visit Punch-Card Pass may be voided with any violation to the Fitness Center rules and/or guest policies.
  10. The Department of Recreation & Wellness reserves the right to revoke the purchase of a Punch-Card Pass at any time at their discretion.


  1. May purchase a 10-Visit Punch-Card Pass at the SAC Fitness Center desk Monday–Friday between the hours of 8 am-5 pm.
  2. Must ensure that their membership is current before being permitted to purchase and/or use a 10-Visit Punch-Card Pass.
  3. Must be present with their guest for the duration of the visit in the Fitness Center. A guest is not permitted entry, or permitted to use the Fitness Center without the member also being present.
  4. Understands that failure to abide by the stipulations of the Punch-Card Pass will result in its revocation without a refund.


  1. Be a minimum of 16 years of age.
  2. Obey all Fitness Center and SAC rules.
  3. Complete a liability release form prior to entering the Fitness Center.
  4. Present a photo ID (i.e. Driver’s License) to the SAC Fitness Center desk. Clayton State University – SAC Fitness Center


  1. Enter or use the Fitness Center without the member also being present.
  2. A guest may not host another guest.
  3. Guests are not permitted to check out equipment, make court reservations or participate in organized Recreational Sports Programs. Participation in group exercise classes is permitted on a space available basis. Students and paying members have first priority.