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University Focus on Environmental Stewardship Encourages Community Advocacy

(September 14, 2022) - Clayton State University hosted the Third Annual Southside River Rendezvous, a community water quality monitoring event, on Saturday, September 10.

Students at the event

Teams spread out across the southside with bridge samplers and testing kits, returning to campus with their samples for Clayton State students to conduct a series of water tests to create a snapshot of water quality throughout the area and identify sites that warrant follow-up testing in coordination with local utilities.

Moving forward, Clayton State University will host this annual event in an effort to focus on environmental stewardship, and to encourage its campus community and local community residents to advocate for the conservation of the creeks and rivers in their local neighborhoods.

Dr. Aubrey Dyer

Associate Professor Aubrey Dyer

students testing water samples

Students testing water samples

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