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Management professor visits the University of Cambridge to present research from new book

(July 2, 2019) -  Dr. Leon Prieto, associate professor of Management, recently was invited to the University of Cambridge Judge Business School in the U.K. to present research from his newly-published book about the history of African American business leaders and their influence in management.

Leon Prieto

Dr. Prieto gave a presentation to master’s students and faculty at the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation on June 27th entitled “Black Management History and Social Entrepreneurship: Embracing an African Philosophy of Cooperation.”

“It’s an honor to be invited by one of the world’s best universities to deliver a presentation on a topic that I am passionate about,” Dr. Prieto said.

Dr. Prieto’s book, African American Management History: Insights on Gaining a Cooperative Advantage, which he co-authored with Dr. Simone Phipps, associate professor of Management at Middle Georgia State University, focuses on how African American business owners gained a cooperative advantage and made their businesses a success.

Dr. Prieto was invited to the University of Cambridge after he made a presentation on Black entrepreneurship at the Academy of Management conference in 2018.

“At the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation we take a long view of making social change and I knew our master’s students would want to hear a fascinating and challenging perspective which can inform their future work,” said Dr. Neil Stott, Co-Director of the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation. “It is particularly important to understand how marginalized groups achieved agency in the face of repression. Also, to learn about a tradition of entrepreneurship which privileges cooperation. Why? Because to tackle the big issues we all face now, our students will need to draw on approaches which are inclusive, cooperative and consensus building rather than  purely conflictual.”

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