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Clayton State signs MOU with South Korea’s Woosong University

(October 18, 2023) - Clayton State University and Woosong University of Daejeon, South Korea, officially signed off on a mutually beneficial Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Monday, October 16.

Clayton State President, Dr. Georj Lewis, and Woosong University President, Deog-Seong Oh, are joined by members of cabinet from both institutions

Together, the two institutes are looking to promote greater academic cooperation by providing mutual consent exchange programs and short-term study abroad programs between each other.

Various programs are set to be initiated for students attending both universities, allowing credits to be transferred from one to the other and earn an undergraduate degree. 

Woosong University students will also gain the opportunity to complete three years at Woosong as well as one year each at Clayton State for both their BBA and graduate business degree.

Both universities will even be able to host each other’s faculty members to pursue and assist in research, teach and accompany study abroad students, and even develop and offer various online courses and programs moving forward.

However, what truly excites both universities are the opportunities to create a greater positive influence, not just their respective local communities and markets, but throughout the world.

With their new partnership official, both university presidents spoke passionately on the prospects of creating a much larger footprint in a global workforce that benefits both institutes of higher education. 

“The representatives from Samsung and the NSK Corporation here in Atlanta told me they are eager to get people qualified [and fluent] in two languages,” said Deog-Seong Oh, President of Woosong University. “This is a good place for us to join together."

“After learning more about what we have in common, who each of us are currently, as well as who we want to be in the future, I think we have created a unique opportunity to broaden students' educational experience,” said Dr. Georj Lewis, President of Clayton State University. “I’m excited.”

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