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Arts & Sciences Honors Convocation

(April 20, 2023) - With spring commencement right around the corner, Clayton State University’s College of Arts and Sciences held its annual Academic Honors Convocation at the Crescent Theatre on Wednesday, April 19.

Convocation Group

Dr. Nasser Momayezi, the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, welcomed numerous students, congratulating everyone for their accomplishments from the past school year.

“These students are shining examples of what can be achieved through dedication, perseverance, exceptional talent, intelligence, and a passion for learning,” Momayezi said. “Congratulations, each and every one of you.”

Momayezi also thanked the parents who were in attendance for “instilling values of hard work, perseverance and dedication” in their children.

While every award is an accomplishment, there were some particularly notable achievements announced from the various department chairs on Wednesday.

Diana Nguyen was the only student from the Department of Biology to receive an award.

Dr. Paul Melvin said Nguyen carried a GPA of 3.97 and received her award for her “superior achievement, research, and participation.”

Two Clayton State student veterans, Ryan Green from the Department of Psychology and Taylor Donoghue from the School of Education, were also awarded and received applause from the crowd for their service to our nation.

Green was awarded the Donna W. McCarty Psychology & Human Services Award while Donoghue was awarded the Outstanding ELEM Teacher Education Student Award.

Keenan Kade from the Department of Visual and Performing Arts was the first person ever to win the inaugural Marilyn Engelhardt Robinson Memorial Scholarship.

And finally, there were two Clayton State students who each won two awards Wednesday afternoon.

Senior Benjamin Shatto received the Department of Humanities’ History Achievement Award as well as the School of Education’s Doris Fisher Award for Excellence in the Teaching of History/Social Sciences.

Kelly Cook, also a senior in the School of Education, took home the Debra Durden Award for Excellence in English Education and the Outstanding Teacher Education Student Award.

The complete list of awards and scholarships presented from the event are listed below:

Department of Biology

Diana Nguyen — O.C. Lam, III Award for Excellence in the Biological Sciences

Department of Chemistry and Physics

Aivy Hoang Nguyen — CRC Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award

Trinh Nguyen — James Braun Excellence in Chemistry Award

Department of English

Anayah Fray — Sharon Sellers First-Year Writing Award, ENGL 1101

Jenifer Mendoza Godinez — Sharon Sellers First-Year Writing Award, ENGL 1102

Adam Salathe — Goldberg Scholarly Essay Award

Kristen Primm — Stanley Cyrus Award, Poetry

Islah Rahmann Cygnet Award (1st Prize)

Garnet Pope Cygnet Award, Poetry (2nd Prize)

Michelo Iselo Cygnet Award, Fiction

Angel Hunter — Bill Pasch Senior English Award

Department of Humanities

Benjamin Shatto — History Achievement Award

Courtney Thomas — Top Senior Thesis Award

Nicole Bagley — Award for Excellence in the Study of History

Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

Yanelys Amaro — Outstanding Student, Bachelor of Applied Science

Nyasia Green — Outstanding Student, Integrative Studies

Catherine Tavares — Outstanding Student, Liberal Studies

Ginger Cantrell — Outstanding Student, African American Studies minor

Marjorie Woodhurst-Kersey — Outstanding Student, Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Department of Psychology

Ryan Green — Donna W. McCarty Psychology & Human Services Award

Dalene Hammond — Donna W. McCarty Psychology & Human Services Award

Shanika Clendinen — Psychology Ambassador

Kamari Harris — Psychology Ambassador

Hailee-Jo Lillard — Psychology Ambassador

Aimee Malino — Psychology Ambassador

Gloria Martinez-Osornio — Psychology Ambassador

Mariah Shorter — Psychology Ambassador

Department of Social Sciences

Mandy Akyea-Mensah — Outstanding Student in Criminal Justice Award

Phoung Nguyen — Outstanding Student in Legal Studies Award

Gary Williams — Outstanding Student in Political Science Award

Lizet Avitia — Outstanding Student in Sociology Award

Department of Visual and Performing Arts

Antania Bivens — Tommy Daughtry Art Prize

Neyssa Aimee — Excellence in Communication and Media Studies Award

Mikayla Murphy — Excellence in Music Award

Sarah Marchant — Guyton McLendon Memorial Music Scholarship

Temisan Nicholl — Guyton McLendon Memorial Music Scholarship

Cindora Starr Tillman — Outstanding Achievement in Theatre Award

Maria Isabel Morales-Perez — Outstanding Achievement in Film Award

Keenan Kade — Marilyn Engelhardt Robinson Memorial Scholarship

School of Education

Katelyn Wucher — Outstanding MAT Teacher Education Student Award

Sheila Corona — Outstanding Secondary Teacher Education Student Award

Heather Turpin — Outstanding MLE Teacher Education Student Award

Taylor Donoghue — Outstanding ELEM Teacher Education Student Award

Benjamin Shatto — Doris Fisher Award for Excellence in the Teaching of History/Social Sciences

Heather Turpin — Hal Banke Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Science

Kelly Cook — Debra Durden Award for Excellence in the English Education, Outstanding Teacher Education Student Award

Natural Science students in the Coca-Cola Scholarship, Women in STEM cohort

Biology: Akouavi Amouzou, Emily Dobles, Kalkidan Hawkins, Nhu Nguyen, Abrianicka McGrowder, Porshuana Draines, and Khaaliyah Taylor

Chemistry: Ghadeer Alchbenawi, Marja Dacosta, Nyla Gilmore, Devon Kennedy, Tran Nguyen, Trinh Nguyen, Kelise Reddish, Vineisha Stephens, Raven Yeado, and Tiffany Zimmerman

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