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Arts Clayton Event returns to Jonesboro

(February 27, 2024) - Lakers from all walks of life are ready to showcase incredible heart and art as the Clayton State and Jonesboro communities prepare to celebrate a night of togetherness and talent.

Jonathan Harris of Clayton State's Department of Film, Communication, and Performing Arts enjoys the 2019 event with a student

The annual Arts Clayton Event will return on Friday, March 1, at the Arts Clayton Gallery in Jonesboro, highlighting various pieces of student artwork, films, photography, graphic designs, and more.

While the annual event originally began in 2015, it was unfortunately cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Fortunately,” said Clayton State Professor of Art Alan Xie, the event is finally returning to showcase “the incredible talents” of Lakers to the local community – this year’s theme being “My Neighborhood.”

“Guests can expect to see a diverse range of student work centered around the theme,” Xie said. “This collection will encompass a variety of media, including oil painting, drawing, digital prints, film, and music performances. What's particularly captivating about this collection is how it provides a window into the students' feelings and expressions about their community.” 

Xie further said that, “through their artwork,” students are capable of articulating “their unique perspectives, experiences, and connections to the neighborhood,” with the show offering an overall “rich tapestry of creativity and insight” that allows viewers to see their surroundings through the eyes of the students.

“I want the audience to enjoy every artwork piece in the show and appreciate the individual perspectives and talents showcased by each student,” Xie said. “Every piece has its own story and beauty to tell. I believe that, collectively, they create a powerful and immersive experience for everyone attending the event.”

Xie excitedly called the exhibition a “bright beacon” that both annually showcases “the passion for art education at Clayton State” as well as creates an opportunity to celebrate the students’ inspiration, talent, and passion for their works.

He hopes to see numerous Lakers supporting Lakers as the Arts Clayton Event returns from a four-year hiatus.

“I think this event is not just a showcase of art but a celebration of creativity, community, and the boundless possibilities of expression,” Xie said. “I would encourage everyone to join us for an unforgettable evening filled with art, food, music, and the warmth of community.”

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