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Alumni Spotlight: Levi Ohanenye

(October 27, 2023) - Levi, thanks again for allowing us to spotlight you and your accomplishments!

Levi Ohanenye

Tell us about what you liked about "The Corp" and what you learned about Clayton State’s culture.

I was first exposed to AmeriCorps as an eighth-grade student in 2013. I was a participant in a week-long program called the CLPC (College Life Preparation Course) that was held during spring break. Although initially I did not want to go, I am grateful that I did because I met lifelong mentors and connections. During my time at the program, I was exposed to actual student life, including classroom sessions and events on campus, and was fortunate enough to be able to see young students that looked like me thriving in college.

As a Dual Enrollment student, how did it feel graduating high school with a college degree? How did that advance your educational career?

Graduating from Clayton State University with my Associate of Arts in Integrative Studies was honestly a flex. How often do you hear about someone having a college degree before high school graduation? It boosted my confidence and allowed me to show others that earning a degree in high school is a possibility and that they can do it too. After my class graduated, there have been even more students who have participated in the dual enrollment program at my high school alma mater – Elite Scholars Academy. Having this degree allowed me to spend more time figuring out what I wanted to major in for my undergraduate degree at the University of Georgia. It also placed me ahead of my class, allowing me to double major and have a minor while graduating a year early.

That’s awesome! You left after your DE experience, completed a bachelor’s at UGA, then came back to Clayton to complete your MBA this past spring. Congrats! What made you come back?

Thanks! I had been thinking about getting an MBA but wanted something with a campus that was close to home and had more of a community feel. Clayton State ended up being perfect and I was welcomed back with open arms. After seeing the ranking of the MBA program and speaking to current students about the rigor of the curriculum and the support available from professors, I knew that this was the right match.

You started off as a mentee of Clayton State students. Have you seen that you have since become a mentor?

Yes, absolutely. I currently serve as a mentor through the Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta organization. I am still connected with some of the students who mentored me at Clayton State, such as Blair Fortson, Oscar Hopkins, Samantha Dennis (nee Lapier), and they are now alumni, as well. I speak with them regularly because of the impact they have had on me and hope that I can have that type of impact on my mentee(s).

We are glad that you have decided to become an active member of the Alumni Association. What plans do you have for your alma mater and what contributions would you like to make towards the development of this institution?

I have a lot of plans for both the alumni association and Clayton State University. I would like to positively contribute time to revitalizing the campus, student life, and student engagement while maintaining the welcoming vibe and image of Clayton State. The Young Alumni Council has welcomed me in and I had the opportunity to sit in on my first council meeting! I am honored to be considered a member of this amazing collective. I have more specific long-term goals, but I will keep those under wraps for now.

We look forward to seeing what you have in store. So, Levi, let us know what you currently have going on. Are you gainfully employed? Looking? How can other Lakers support you?

I currently work in medical software sales for a Fortune 1000 company. I am also a licensed Georgia auto dealer – – and a realtor – Other alumni can support me through those links and honestly via prayer and referral. I appreciate the opportunity to share my story.

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