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Disburse Your Financial Aid

After you have registered and been awarded financial aid, you must follow the steps below to determine How Much You Owe

Go to The SWAN and log on using your User Name and Password, then click on the Duck icon.

If you have difficulty logging onto the SWAN, contact the HUB at (678) 466-4357,, or e-mail Your password cannot be changed by an email or phone request. To have your password changed or reset, you must go to the HUB and show a picture ID.

How Much Do I Owe?

  • Important Note:  Funds will not disburse for future terms for any student who has a course for which no grade has been reported (grade of "NR") for the previous semester.  HOPE GPA requirements, Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), and the federal requirement regarding repeating coursework are some of the regulations that are affected by non-reported grades. 
  • To disburse your funds:
    • Log on to the DUCK
    • "Main Menu"
    • "Student Services"
    • "Registration"
    • "How Much Do I Owe?"
    • Click "NEW ePay Site" to see your Current Account Status
    • Click "View Current Activity" to see details of your account

Review the “View Current Activity” page for Tuition and Fee charges and Anticipated Financial Aid. This summary will outline your charges, available aid, and give a current balance at the bottom of the page. If you owe a balance after your financial aid has been credited to your account, you must pay this balance by the published fee payment deadline.