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Communication Methods

Applying for financial aid can be a very confusing process for students, especially when every institution has a slightly different method of communication. To make things a little easier, we would like to highlight the key methods the Office of Financial Aid at Clayton State University will use to communicate information to our students.

CSU Email Account: Your CSU email account is the primary source of communication! You are responsible for all information sent to this email account. Email can be accessed via the SWAN portal.

Duck: Access the Duck via the SWAN portal to check the status of your financial aid, access letters regarding missing information requested, funds that have been awarded, notifications regarding satisfactory academic progress (SAP), and more.

  • You can check your financial aid status by clicking on “Financial Aid”, then “Financial Aid Status”. If you click on “student requirements”, you can see exactly what items need to be submitted, download any forms that are required, and view specific instructions for each.
  • You can view important messages that are specific to you by clicking on “Financial Aid”, then “Financial Aid Status”, then “You have active messages”. (This will only appear if you have active messages.) These messages are VERY important and we recommend you check them often.

TEAMS: For the face-to-face or chat through Microsoft Teams, log into Teams through your DUCK or click here: Microsoft TEAMS 

Targeted Messages: We also send certain types of messages through the SWAN portal. These appear in the “Personal Announcements” section of the portal - check for them regularly.

Financial Aid Website: Review the website often for deadline dates, policies, etc.

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