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new student

New Student

A new student is a freshman who has never attended another college other than for dual enrollment credit while in high school.

Learn how to apply as a new student

continuing student

Continuing Student

Welcome back! We are so excited that you’ve chosen to return to Clayton State. Adulting in 2024 has been a whole vibe—You’ve had to be very adaptable—but you, the continuing student, rose to the occasion, persevered, and came back! As a returning student, there may be possible financial aid available to you. Be sure to check the scholarship and grants page. We appreciate your dedication, and we are here for you.

Learn how to apply as a continuing student

transfer student

Transfer/Transient Student

Transfer/transient students have paid Clayton State the ultimate compliment by entrusting their education to us. We strive to meet the standard of excellence by accepting transfer students who have accumulated 30 previous college credits and will be attending Clayton State.

Learn how to apply as a transfer student

veteran student

Veteran Student

The veteran student is among the proudest to walk our 192 acres in Clayton County. Many have traversed the world, protected us while we’ve slept, risked their lives for our nation, and now they’re home and ready to meet new challenges. They’ve chosen to pursue their education at Clayton State for themselves and their families, and we are here to help them achieve their goals. There are programs, grants, scholarships, and loans that may be available to the veteran student who has been honorably discharged or remains in good standing in the U.S. military.

Learn how to apply as a veteran student