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Ethics & Integrity at the University

Clayton State University is committed to preserving and enhancing the integrity of this institution and its faculty, staff and students. We provide an environment where everyone on campus is held to the highest standards of conduct as outlined in the University Employee Handbook and Board of Regents policies.  Hard work, honesty, mutual respect, taking personal responsibility, doing the highest quality work, trust, teamwork, positive attitude and ethical leadership are a must for any organization to function and succeed.

The actions we take every day set the tone and reflect on you as an individual and us as an institution and community. Neither employees nor faculty should engage in activities that are considered a conflict of interest (see page 36). Our employee handbook provides more details regarding additional policies and procedures (see page 33), but the following is strictly prohibited: accepting gratuities (see BOR policy 802.13), solicitation (see page 33), and improper use of our purchasing card.

Our students are held to high standards as well. Clayton State University has established standards of conduct which are compatible with the academic mission of the institution. An educational approach to discipline is employed whenever possible. The Student Handbook provides an official statement of student policies and procedures. Students are encouraged to refer to the handbook for a complete listing of the Conduct Code, rules, regulations, policies and procedures that provide for orderly operation of the University.

If you have any concerns, you should discuss them with the appropriate manager or dean. If you still have concerns, you may use our Ethics and Compliance program.