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Testing Accommodation Procedures

Student in wheelchair using a laptop.

Students who desire disability-related testing and classroom accommodations must be registered with the Disability Resource Center (DRC). Once registered, students who are approved for testing accommodations should follow the procedures below.  Students are expected to adhere to this policy in order for the testing process to proceed smoothly and efficiently.

Options for Test Administration with Accommodations

If extended testing time at the DRC is an approved accommodation, students have the following options for Test Administration:

  1. With the class, at the regularly scheduled test time and location
  2. With the professor/proctor, at a mutually agreed upon time/location (e.g. the instructor's office/department/vacant classroom)
  3. In the DRC or Site Administration Office (Fayette County) at the professor-approved time

If the student is scheduled in the class at the regularly scheduled time and location or with the professor, accommodations for extended time during testing must be honored.

To request testing at the DRC, students should

  • Discuss their testing options with professors with as much advanced notice as possible. 
  • Contact the DRC in person, by phone at 678-466-5445 or email at to schedule their exams, a minimum of 2 business days in advance.  
    • Evening exams must be scheduled a minimum of one week in advance.
    • Final exams must be scheduled a minimum of two weeks in advance.
    • Please note: the DRC does not determine the date and time of scheduled exams.  Students and faculty must mutually agree upon a testing time and date.  Students are expected to test at the same time as their class, unless a conflict exists.  For alternatives, refer to the section above; Options for Test Administration with Accommodations.

For Faculty: Faculty will receive notification and a request to complete a Test Administration Form.  The Test Administration Form can be completed manually or online. You can locate both forms here: Test Administration Form

Students Testing at the Fayette or Henry County (dual enrollment) Locations

Students needing test accommodations at the Fayette or Henry County sites should contact their professors to make specific arrangements.  Should students run into any problems scheduling exams with accommodations please contact the Disability Resource Center at 678-466-5445.