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Complete College Georgia at Clayton State University

In 2012, each of Georgia’s public institutions submitted campus plans to the governor detailing strategies to increase access and graduation in support of the goal of Complete College Georgia (CCG), which is that 60 percent of young adults will hold a college certificate or degree. Today, only 42 percent of the state’s young adults, its burgeoning workforce, qualify. Campuses update the 2012 plans annually with the submission of a status report.

Clayton State’s completion strategies reflect the university’s mission, which is to cultivate “an environment of engaged, experience-based learning, enriched by active community service, that prepares students of diverse ages and backgrounds to succeed in their lives and career.” To improve access and completion for a diverse student body, Clayton State’s goals and strategies focus on flexible learning (online, blended, evening), flexible credit options, and student advising.  The goals and strategies also align with the goals of “Go Back. Move Ahead,” a campaign launched to target degree completion for 1.1 million working-age adults, or 22 percent of the state’s population, who attended college for some time but did not finish.

Reaching a one year retention goal for the IPEDS cohort to 75% and begin to approach an IPEDS cohort graduation rate of 40% by 2022.

Increase the percentage of students who graduate within 4 years.