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GenCyber Gamification Accelerator Program

Clayton State University  GenCyber Gamification Accelerator Program (CSU GenCyber GAP Program) provides cybersecurity experiences for students at the secondary level. This program aims to

  • expose students in local communities to GenCyber cybersecurity concepts
  • increase awareness of the potential opportunities in the field of cyber security
  • increase students’ interest and awareness in cybersecurity

This program is funded by the GenCyber Grants Program of NSA though the NSF.

This program develops a free self-paged eLearning platform in summer 2023 for 8-12 grade students to practice and learn GenCyber cybersecurity concepts. The program provides 54 hours of instruction consisting of 11 hours of pre-camp activities, 13 hours of post-camp activities, and 30 hours of online summer program activities.

What is GenCyber Program?

The GenCyber program provides cybersecurity experiences for students and teachers at the secondary level. The goals of the GenCyber program are to:

  • Ignite, sustain, and increase awareness of K12 cybersecurity content and cybersecurity postsecondary and career opportunities for participants through year-round engagement;
  • Increase student diversity in cybersecurity college and career readiness pathways at the K-12 level; and
  • Facilitate teacher readiness within a teacher learning community to learn, develop, and deliver cybersecurity content for the K-12 classroom in collaboration with other nationwide initiatives.

What is CSU GenCyber GAP Program?

This is a free online self-paced program designed to expose students to the field of cybersecurity. Students will learn Gencyber Cybersecurity concepts which include defense in depth, confidentiality, integrity, availability, think like an adversary, and data hiding.

Who are the audience of the CSU GenCyber GAP Program?

The target audience of the program is 8-12 grade students who are a citizen of USA and 13 or older in the local middle or high schools. The GAP program welcomes students of diverse backgrounds, specifically underrepresented groups such as minority and women students.

How is the GAP Program Delivered?

The lessons are delivered ONLINE via an eLearning platform. The curriculum of the program includes lectures, experiments, hands-on materials, and other fun enriching activities designed to align with the GenCyber program goals in a unified manner.

What are the benefits of attending the CSU GenCyber GAP Program?

  • Knowledge of GenCyber cybersecurity
  • Tuition free
  • Fun with friends
  • Free T-shirts
  • Sphero Robot learning kit
  • Gifts, awards, and more

Do the students need to have computer related knowledge?

There is no expectation for students to have prior computer related knowledge.

Do the students need to have a computer?

Yes. You need to have a computer or an electronic device with internet access to access the online materials of the GAP program.

Who are We?

The program team consists of faculty from the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology in the College of Information and Mathematical Sciences at Clayton State University.

How many sessions of the GAP program will be offered?

There is ONE session in summer 2023.

What is the size of the session?

The size of the session is unlimited.

When will the CSU GenCyber GAP program be held?

May 26th, 2023 - July 20th, 2023, online

How to register?

Click this link to register or scan the QR code (below) to apply for registration.

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What is the Deadline?

Monday, April 10th, 2023. Acceptance notification will be sent by Wednesday, April 19th, 2023.

Contact Us

Please send your inquiry to

Department of Computer Science and Information Technology