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What we are doing

Students— Clayton State University GoGreen Team - The Go Green Team's goal on campus is to heighten the student, faculty, and staff’s awareness of recycling and going green on campus and in the community

Dining— Auxiliary Services is committed to sustainability through the implementation of the following programs and procedures:

  • Grounds for Growth
  • One Napkin at a Time
  • Trayless Dining
  • Local Produce

Laundry— Mac-Gray Campus Solutions− Recognizing the importance of water conservation and energy efficient technology, Mac-Gray Campus Solutions has produced high efficient, energy and water saving front load washers to better the campus and community.

Facilities— Facilities has taken several steps to maximize sustainability around the university in attempts to reduce wastage and conserve energy through the participation of various programs to include:

  • Energy Conservation
    • Phasing in automatic sensors and energy meters in each building to conserve and reduce energy costs.
    • The University is committed to energy conservation and started upgrading inefficient HVAC systems in various buildings. HVAC in the old construction buildings (1970s construction) are being upgraded from a two-pipe to a four-pipe system and connected to the centralized Energy Management System.
    • A new capital construction - Science Building project will be LEED Certified . It will accommodate the University with additional 65,000 GSF of academic space and provide to be energy and environment friendly.
    • CSU contributes into the national program 'Rebuilding America' by retrofitting buildings from simple fixes to more complex retrofits. Caulking windows, replacing windows with an energy efficient ones, improving building envelopes - to list a few items towards the energy efficient measures.
    • Another item that allows substantial energy savings is replacing all inefficient T-12 light fixtures with T-5 and T-8, implementing lighting controls and scheduling energy loads. Most of the buildings are already upgraded and will start contributing into energy savings.
    • University Faculty and Staff started utilizing Green Fleet to reduce environmental impact of harmful emissions and reduce fuel consumption. 100% electric golf carts and one electric car are at service for maintenance and custodial crew. Delivery and Mail Service is accommodated by the above mentioned means of transportation.
    • Irrigation water used on campus is supplied by rain water runoff collected in Swan Lake.
  • Transportation
    • Facilities Management has an electrical car and several battery powered golf cart which supplements the use of gas powered vehicles, aiding in the reduction of emissions on campus
    • Facilities Management and Public Safety have added 5 flex-fuel vehicles to their fleet. These vehicles have lower emissions and are environmentally friendly.

Facilities Management Sustainability website

Housing— Equipped with energy efficient appliances, both Laker Hall and Clayton Station represent the ideal campus life that allows students to live comfortably without the expenses associated with high energy usage.

Recycling— Clayton State University shows pride in our contribution in promoting awareness amongst our students and within the community while decreasing waste production through the process of recycling.

  • Single Stream Recycling Pilot
    • Clayton State University has partnered with its waste management provider to assist the campus in piloting a new single stream recycling program. This program is designed to promote responsible resource management and to reduce waste costs.
    • In May 2011, the Student Center and the Student Activity Center buildings were selected to pilot the program. Single stream recycling allows participants in these buildings to co-mingle all their recyclables into single containers for collection, processing and remarketing.

Tree Committee— The Clayton State University Tree Committee serves as an advisory committee to the Department of Facilities’ Landscape Management office working to maintain, manage, improve, renew, and protect the trees on the University’s campus and to share information with the campus community. The Tree Committee meets twice a year on regular basis and as needed otherwise.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station on Clayton State University— Clayton State University has received a partial grant of $5,630 by the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority for the purchase and installation of electric vehicle chargers. The grant was available to all State and local agencies in the State of Georgia.

Clayton State University has noticed an increase in electric vehicles driving to campus by faculty and staff and would like to support the initiative of clean commuting and extend electric vehicle charging capabilities to the campus and outside community. The stations will be available for EV charging to public at least 12 hours a day.

By installing one dual-port Level II EV station on main campus in parking lot D, Clayton State University is starting a new venue in sustainable practices and contributing to clean environment.