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The College of Arts & Sciences is organized into eight departments and a School of Education.

Biology Class

Department of Biology

Known as the study of living organisms, gain competency in the biological sciences.

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Chemistry and Physics Class

Department of Chemistry and Physics

Increase your understanding of the structure and properties of matter and energy.

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Teacher and Student

Department of English

Build a strong foundation in composition and gain an appreciation for literature and writing, skills that are essential for today’s global environment.

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Department of Humanities

Explore differing interpretations of the past, hone your critical and creative thinking skills, or learn a new language.

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Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

Discover unique programs to construct a personalized curriculum using to reach your personal, professional and educational goals.

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Department of Psychology

Develop a better understanding of human behavior and mental processes with a focus on diverse populations and ethics.

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Social Sciences

Department of Social Sciences

Learn about the various political, legal, and social systems that govern and shape society.

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All things VPA

Department of Visual and Performing Arts

Through music, art, film production, theater or communications, gain knowledge and experience in creative arts, performance and media.

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