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Create a Cash Advance

  • Log into GeorgiaFirst Financials: If you have problems with your password, click on the 'Forgot Username or Password' link below the Sign-in button. This will guide you through the steps to receive a temporary password through email. If you experience problems with this link please contact William Bartlett x5530. For functional questions contact Tiffany Hines, Travel & Expense Analyst (678) 466-5513 or Make sure your ChartField information is correct before creating the cash advance because the ChartField information maintained in your profile’s default settings will be used. To review or edit this information go to NavBar > Navigator > Employee Self-Service > Travel and Expense > Review/Edit Profile > Organizational Data.
  • Click NavBar (upper-right corner of screen)
  • Click Navigator
  • Click Employee Self Service
  • Click Employee TE Center
  • Click Cash Advance
  • Click Create
  • Click Add a New Value
  • Enter Employee Id
  • Click Add
  • Select a Business Purpose from the drop down menu
  • Enter Advance Description
  • Select Employee Advance EFT Payments from the Source drop down menu
  • Enter Description
  • Enter Amount
  • Check the box to certify the advance submitted is accurate and comply with policy
  • Click Submit Cash Advance
  • After submitting cash advance, you must send the following documents to Budget & Finance:
  • Failure to abide by the following guidelines may result in revocation of travelers’ cash advance privileges.
  1. After requesting a cash advance, an expense report must be submitted to the Budget & Finance department and repayment of any remaining funds must be returned to the Bursar’s office within 10 days after completion of travel.
  2. Payments by P-card should not be reported on the expense report and/or applied against the cash advance.
  3. When the expense report is created in the system, you must apply the expense to the cash advance.

Apply the Cash Advance to the Expense Report

  • After entering expenses click on Apply Cash Advance from the Actions drop down menu
  • On the Apply Cash Advance page, click the magnifying glass and select the cash advance ID.
  • The Total Applied amount will default to the amount of the cash advance. You must change the Total Applied amount to the total expense report amount or the actual amount spent.
  • Review the settlement information displayed on the Apply Cash Advances page:
  • If you spent less than the amount you received in your cash advance, Example 1: Your cash advance was $250, and you spent $200. Enter $200 in the Total Applied field and click Update Totals, then click OK. You will need to return the remaining $50 and deposit form to the Bursar’s office.
  • If you spent exactly what you received, the Total Due Employee will be zero. Example 2: Your cash advance was $250, and you spent $250. Total Applied should be $250. Click OK.
  • If you spent more than you received in your cash advance, the Total Due Employee will be a positive amount. Example 3: Your cash advance was $250, and you spent $300. Total Applied should be $250. Click OK. (You cannot apply more to the cash advance than you received.) The expense report will be processed for $50.

REMINDERS: When you make changes on the Cash Advance page, you must click "Update Totals" button to recalculate and update the settlement information.

Make sure to enter all expense information before applying your cash advance. Failure to do so may result in the improper reconciliation of the cash advance, as well as under- or over-reimbursement of travel expenses.