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Latoya Nelson - Assistant Accounting Director
(678) 466-4256

The Assistant Director of Accounting Services is responsible for coordinating and directing departmental staff in day-to-day routine accounting work. The Assistant Director reviews and monitors accounting processes and policies to ensure that the department complies with the Board of Regents and University’s policies and regulatory requirements. She oversees the reconciliation and processing of transactions in the Peoplesoft financial system for balance sheet related accounts.

Inventory (Accounts 142XXX) - Latoya Is responsible for reviewing, analyzing, reconciling, and correcting accounts related to inventory in the Peoplesoft Financial System. She is the liaison for the Accounting Service Department working closely with our auxiliary department to ensure inventory is recorded accurately and in a timely manner.

Iris Jackson- Financial Analyst
(678) 466-4276

Account Receivables (Accounts 12XXXX)- Iris Is responsible for establishing, reviewing, analyzing, reconciling, and correcting non-student related accounts receivables in our Peoplesoft Financial System. The Accounting Service Department works closely with various departments and customers to ensure we establish receivables accurately and efficiently in our Peoplesoft financial system. As well, as collect funds and record them in a timely and efficient manner.

Prepaid Expenses (Accounts 13XXXX)- Iris Is responsible for reviewing, analyzing, and reconciling pre-paid expense balance sheet accounts in our Peoplesoft Financial System. The Accounting Service Department works closely with the accounts payable department and student account department serving as a liaison to help resolve any pre-paid expense issues. She guarantees that we report our expenses on the correct financial statements by ensuring all pre-paid expenses that are reflected on the Annual Statement of Net Position are moved to actual expenses after the pre-paid period has expired , which can then be recorded on our Statement of Revenue Expenses and Changes in Net Position accurately and efficiently.

Department Journal Entry Request- Iris is responsible for reviewing and processing journal entries submitted by the departments in a timely and accurately manner. She is the liaison between the Accounting Service Department and various other departments providing guidance and advice on the correct accounting string, supporting documentation, accounting policies that we must adhere to, and required material to process journal entries in our financial system.