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PACE Course Startup for Faculty

Before class begins:

As you set up your community-engaged course, be sure to do the following:

  1. After identifying your community partner, complete the PACE Partner MOU with them. sure to complete ALL SECTIONS, including the course learning objectives, organization's service objectives, and contact information. Not only will this document be key to articulating the relationship between your students' learning and the benefits to the organization, the information will be used in our end-of-term community partner evaluations.
  2. Scan and upload the signed MOU document here (log in to this with your faculty credentials, same as for email) MOUs should be completed and uploaded BEFORE your students do any work with the community partner.
  3. Upload your final syllabus for your course here. Like the PACE MOU Uploads link, you'll need to log in with your faculty credentials. Your syllabus should include information regarding your PACE course project, including deadlines for the Pre-Test and Post-Test, reflections, and other project requirements.

Important Note regarding Student Paperwork:

All students must complete one of two forms prior to engaging at a community partner site. It is the responsibility of the PACE Course Instructor to ensure that students complete either the Volunteer Travel Form or the Student Travel Agreement.

Volunteer Travel Forms are for students who are traveling to community partner sites on their own schedule, usually with their own transportation.

Student Travel Agreement Forms are for pre-arranged visits to community partner sites utilizing University-provided transportation or might involve an overnight stay.

Students must complete the appropriate form (Student Travel Agreement or Volunteer Travel Form) prior to doing any work on a community partner site. Upload completed and signed forms

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